Mexico’s Calderon…pot…meet keetle


Mexican presidente Calderon is the buzz today secondary to his speaking out at an anti narcotics forum. At said forum (Thursday) he lashed out against the USA for its lax drug enforcement and for being big time drug consumers. He also continued his false rage against US guns and gun dealers/manufacturers.

The BBC report (link=video feed)shows Calderon working the forum.His points, although not unworthy of sympathy given Mexico’s woes,seem a little misplaced.This is a country that is actively engaged in criminal enterprise.

This is the same guy who wants the USA to aggressively enforce the border so guns don’t get into his country. He is against such enforcement when it comes to keeping his coyotes and nationals out.

I feel for the average Mexican who has never had a government that cared about them. I feel for the low paid cops who want to stay honest but face cartel money and threats daily. I also feel Calderon needs to stop looking northward when he wants to lament about his country’s problems.



  1. bvilleyellowdog says:

    There would be no drug market if there were no customers.
    the meme about illegal immigrants in Arizona is almost totally wrong. Violent crime is DOWN. Property crime DOWN. Number of illegal immigrants DOWN. Officials patrolling the border – higher than any time in history – ever. Once again the red herrings are flying and the rabble are sucking it up and voting against their own interests.
    Google it and get the facts that the GOP-Teabagger Faux propaganda channel does not want you to know.

  2. Alfie says:

    byd…you latch onto AZ too quickly here. Calderon did indeed call for aggressive border protection for guns. He also is on record regards decreased enforcement of US sovereignty. For the record I think we should seriously up the border protection for everything in and out. It would indeed be good for both sides

  3. Alfie says:

    Oh yeah I think if the translation is sound Calderon has a bigger problem. US drug addiction is real and US drug use is super real. The thing is though are we to seriously believe the reason there is so much US/Mexico drug rage is that our addicts can’t get treatment? That’s crazy.

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