Tell me that isn’t Barack Obama…

Do you see him? Front of painting just right of center. I swear it looks like him.

The painting is actually Home Relief Station by Louis Ribak circa 1935-36 .

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  1. graychin says:

    OK – I’ll reassure you. It isn’t Barack Obama.

    But it sure does look like him.

    But then they all look alike, don’t they?

    Maybe Obama is like Tom Joad: (From the Springsteen song)

    Now Tom said “Mom, wherever there’s a cop beatin’ a guy
    Wherever a hungry newborn baby cries
    Where there’s a fight against the blood and hatred in the air
    Look for me mom I’ll be there
    Wherever there’s somebody fightin’ for a place to stand
    Or a decent job or a helpin’ hand
    Wherever somebody’s strugglin’ to be free
    Look in their eyes Mom you’ll see me.”

    But it definitely wasn’t Obama – they wouldn’t have wanted his “kind” in such a meeting in America in the 193o’s. Being “half-Kenyan” and all that.

  2. Alfie says:

    But then they all look alike, don’t they?
    Oh gray you have taken the completely wrong tack regards me.

    I posted this simply as I thought it was amazing how it jumped out at me. I also found it amazing that it was a Depression era piece.

    I like stuff like this as well as Langston Hughes literary work. Bet you never imagined that?! I actually only like three Springsteen songs. Born in the USA,My Hometown and Philadelphia. there are a few others I can tolerate.

  3. Hucking Fypocrites says:

    Graychin is trying so hard to connect a racist attitude to our comments, lately.

    I am beginning to think it is really his own true colors coming out.

  4. Elric66 says:

    “I am beginning to think it is really his own true colors coming out.”

    Gee you think?

  5. It does bear a resemblance, Alfie.

    I presume that the long face is because he just learned that Arugula salads aren’t on the menu.

  6. Elric66 says:

    Obama Makes Reporting on Spill a Felony

    Ohhh the fascism…..

  7. Alfie says:

    Given how this post was an open thread eligible one I will take Elric up on his comment.
    The RedState piece had no sourcing unless it was in the video embed. I’ll add this link to up the conversation and show it has some depth.

  8. Elric66 says:

    Why is this POS “president” and his wife telling everyone to vacation in the Gulf as they go on another vacation, this time in Maine? What a bunch of jerkoffs.

  9. Elric66 says:

    Police: Illegal Immigrants Raped 14-Year-Old Texas Girl at July 4th Party

    Feel good about open borders drones? A girl is scarred for life before of vermin like you who rather race bait than protect American citizens.

  10. Elric66 says:

    Wow. Even al-Qaeda isnt immune from the race baiting from the racist pig “president”

  11. Alfie says:

    Well Elric the Tapper piece is better and its closer of:

    “And I think it presents a pretty clear contrast in terms of the future that most Africans want for themselves and their children,” Mr. Obama said. “And we need to make sure that we are doing everything we can to support those who want to build, as opposed to want to destroy.”

    is more important in my opinion.
    I am unaware of Obama meeting or exceeding W’s African outreach other than taking definite steps regards security and bolstering AFRICOM. That may perhaps be due to the Congressional Dems “deeming” a 2011 budget instead of actually creating and passing one.
    This leaves one to wonder how without highlight Islamic extremism is the Administration to intelligently tackle the issue on that continent.
    As for the charges of racism… well actually the fact that racism is indeed firmly entrenched amongst Muslims is well documented.I have seen a number of things both print and video that looks at racist attitudes ala segregation at Hajj.

  12. Alfie says:

    As tragic as the rape story is it falls far short of its intent.There have been cases of illegals who have indeed been serial rapists of strangers. There was a well publicized case in Philly involving young kids.
    This case smacks more of a community level incident. no less tragic but I think using this as an anti illegal immigrant kind of thing iis equal to shooting one in the foot.

  13. Elric66 says:

    “but I think using this as an anti illegal immigrant kind of thing iis equal to shooting one in the foot.”

    Really? These drones encourage open borders and the government sues states that try to protect its sovereignty. How is blaming them for these vile acts shooting oneself in the foot?

  14. Elric66 says:


    Dont you find it odd that the POS wont call them terrorists but will attack them for being racists only when it affects blacks?

  15. Alfie says:

    Elric if you do not see that this story is being played so as people see/hear….
    dirty illegals kidnap and rape innocent blond white American native born daughter….
    I can’t help ya.
    This case is a great example of how any given ethnic community comprised of legals and illegals need to have an open and honest conversation on reality.The two rapists are from what I can see members of the community that the witnesses and victim live in.The vile act didn’t occur because the guys were illegals. It occurred because they are scumbags and are likely feeling a little empowered being in a community that accepts their presence.
    Let me build on it although I don’t think you’ll care let alone agree.
    MS 13 recruits illegals in a big way. the gang (and others too) then routinely serve as a source of terror for communities of legal and illegals. It is my position that the legals need to speak out. If they do not they will only experience more heart break.

  16. Alfie says:

    1. I do believe he is wrong to think cleansing a word is actually helpful in this situation.
    2. I think, more than believe that Obama has a vision of doing something momentously positive for the African continent. I believe he wants to do this for a number of reasons and not all of them healthy ones;however,I do not believe he specifically does this due to blackness.

  17. Elric66 says:

    “dirty illegals kidnap and rape innocent blond white American native born daughter….”

    I didnt even know or cared what race she was. It doesnt matter to me. What matters is these drones encourage open borders and lawlessness and this is the consequence of it.

  18. PanAm says:

    “Home Relief Station” — yup, likes like him…

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