All comments should adhere to the Wordpress terms of service and should refrain from personal attacks and obscenities. Your comments are a form of communication and reflective of one’s character.

Views of opposition are welcomed as this is consistent with the purpose of this site. Comments should focus on the post not personalities.

Comments are subject to moderation by blog owner. Comments containing excessive language or other incendiary content are subject to : deletion,editing and blocking. I’m all for free speech however this is about communication. Rants,unrelated views and arguing on personalities can be done on your blog.The views and opinions of those that comment are not necessarily the views of the Ed BO (editor,blog owner).
Comments should be your view not multiple links or clippings from somewhere else.

****Special important update as of July 12th 2010****


That is what the updated About&Policy page has within it.I’ve placed the money shot in blue here.



  1. Alfie says:

    Rutherford asked the following question regards this post and policy change at his blog. Ifelt it more apprpriate to answer it here.
    The question:
    Hey Alfie … completely off topic question but I didn’t want to clutter your blog with it.

    Any reason why you became anal on your blog guidelines, even devoting a full post to it? While I have no problem respecting the guidelines when I visit there, you have to admit that demanding that all comments stay on the topic of the post is a pretty high order with this crowd.

    All but the blue addition has been the stated policy of in2thefray since its inception.One could say I have failed to uphold the policy but I have enjoyed and otherwise allowed tangents under the umbrella of thinking adults will be and can be adults. My renewed intent to enforce the policy to the letter is basically because I am putting forth a bit of myself and searching for specific counterpoints therefore comments should focus on the point.
    There will still be posts that will be tagged “open thread” which will be wide open if anyone cares and I’ll be reopening a In2RandomRants page.

  2. graychin says:

    I assume that the policy will be enforced equally regardless of the political tilt of the post. Am I right?

    Does this mean no more “flooding”? Does this mean that when I look at the last twelve posts (under “cannon to the Right, cannon to the Right”), I will be unlikely to continue to find ten of them from the same person?

    Sounds good to me. 😀

  3. Alfie says:

    There is a way to comment that runs truly parallel to the posts intent so we will see. this isn’t about ego ala “comment about me”! Its about sharing a view on a subject without going places unnecessarily.
    In follow up the recent comments could conceivably have all the same avatar showing,and it could be yours.

  4. graychin says:

    Except that it wasn’t.

  5. graychin says:

    “In follow up the recent comments could conceivably have all the same avatar showing,and it could be yours.”

    But they weren’t! They were someone else’s.

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