BART,ah carumba I’m good!


I put out a post on January 15 2009 titled : In2 If you live in Oakland you might want to up your insurance

In the  post and the short comment thread I predicted riots and a lesser ruling. I was right on both counts.



  1. graychin says:

    You didn’t need to have ESP to see a riot coming on a lesser ruling. White Bartcop executes a black teenager by shooting him in the back at close range, gets convicted of “involuntary manslaughter.”

    I was a bit surprised by the lesser ruling, because I saw the same video(s) that everyone else did. Since I didn’t hear the trial testimony, I won’t second-guess the jury.

    If the cop mistook his gun for his taser ( 😕 ) I’m still not sure why tasering someone who is down on his belly, surrounded by other officers isn’t… excessive? I read the testimony of the defense witness (a consultant for the taser manufacturer!) who said, in effect, that the decedent was “physically resistant,” and that tasering a “physically resistant” person is always appropriate.

    So a new term enters our lexicon – “taser confusion” – when a gendarme can’t distinguish his pistol from his Taser. 😕

  2. Alfie says:

    There were earlier riots not just the looting etc post verdict. The case allows for deeper looks into training and standardization for sure. I personally believe no matter what one should always know ones uniform set up. I especially can’t accept a police officer NOT knowing where his gun is at all times. With that said though I could never see how murder one was a realistic approach in this case.
    On the excessive force bit. Sadly people who oppose excessive force have only themselves to blame when there is multiple officers on a suspect and escalating non lethal force is employed.

  3. graychin says:

    …people who oppose excessive force have only themselves to blame…

    So the Oakland incident is MY fault?

    And you FAVOR excessive force?

  4. Alfie says:

    Science dictates six people restraining someone of some size can use less force,more controlled force. So when people see six cops dog piling someone and complain they indeed have some culpability when pepper spray,rubber bullets and TASERs come out.
    You personally? Didn’t say that.
    This is also backed in the restraint protocols of mental illness up to chemical restraint… sedation. 6 orderlies can safely and less violently control a patient.

  5. Tex Taylor says:

    Two comments – the whole story has not been released by the press. I have a story if you would like further detail from someone who was there that evening, and has followed from Oakland. What was transpiring through the evening were people, mostly white or Asian, who were being harangued, bullied, harassed and threatened throughout the evening by a bunch of black thugs.

    While the death tragic and unnecessary, I do honestly believe it was involuntary manslaughter. I believe the cop when he says in the heat of battle he mistook the taser.

    The question I keep asking is why are tasers made in the form or shape of a gun? That’s asking for an accident.

  6. Alfie says:

    While the death tragic and unnecessary,
    Well there is a focus point. I think all three so far agree on that.I think BART heirachy clearly had issues too which seems to have played out with the firings and resignations as well as renewed focus on them. I know in Boston the MBTA police are pretty much a maligned entity and deservedly so. Their management and political posturing totally effects their policing and public safety.

  7. Hucking Fypocrites says:

    “Since I didn’t hear the trial testimony, I won’t second-guess the jury.”

    Eric Holder is going to do that for you.

  8. graychin says:

    Tex has the REAL story that “the press” is conspiring to keep from us?


  9. Elric66 says:

    I trust Tex over the MSM any day of the week.

  10. graychin says:

    Of course Elric trusts Tex.

    But what about the “fair and balanced” sources like Faux and Pajamas Media? Why are THEY withholding the full story – the story that is only known by Tex, way out there in Tulsa, and by his unnamed sources?

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