I’ve been laying low but…

There are a couple of things that I’ve been thinking about…

BP,Obama,Oil, yadda -yadda

There are many people harping on the whole Jones thing and unfortunately for America they come from both sides of the political spectrum and both serve as distraction.

The truth is that many highly qualified ships are being denied an opportunity to do what they are made for and exactly what we need. Instead the BP VOO (Vessel Of Opportunity) program has upwards of 2000 “vessels” listed as eligible for clean up duties. We have down on their luck fisherman and tourism boats attempting to haul equipment around the Gulf of Mexico as opposed to two of the largest skimmer ships on the freaking planet being allowed to get in on it.

That’s not a Jones Act thing;however, that is something we all should be jonesing about.


Well I’ll go cheap shot and ugly first. She is trés troll-like in appearance and predominantly unimpressive in her answers and forthrightness.I am not looking forward to her life on the Bench to say the least as I am left with the uneasy feeling she is not trustworthy. She has made some things clear,good and bad as far as I’m concerned. I am just wicked uneasy regards whether I believe she’ll judge from those points of view.I also think it a shame that she proved to be such an evasive hypocrite.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t envy anyone sitting in front of the Congress Critters but I would love to see someone just mow the fuckers down as opposed to the polite evasiveness that has taken hold so firmly.

Siena College=crazy!

They are a high-ranking school and their survey has definite consistency. I firmly believe that consistency is manure though. Academics are the craziest people,and they only get that extra crazy going on once tenure sets in. I’m sorry folks all things considered putting Obama ON THE LIST let alone coming out #15!!!!!!! Consistency doth not make credibility and much like the ridiculous bestowing o f the Nobel this too only discredits Obama and America.

Economy,Recovery etc…

Can I get a bipartisan shout out please that NO FREAKIN BODY knows what to do or what is going on regards the economy?!?!?!

Spend here ,but not there. Cut this ,but not that. Jobs up, no they’re down.Housing up,no it’s flat.Program worked,program falls short.

It just goes on and on. We better figure this out real f@#$ing soon people or it just won’t matter because we just won’t matter.



  1. hippieprof says:

    Wow – close to the top (if not first) of the remarks list – and I ran into this tag surfing.

    Say what you like, Kagan has at least been funny. I loved her answer about where she was on Christmas “Like most Jews I was probably in a Chinese restaurant…”

    Seriously, though, do you think it is possible anymore for a nominee on either side to be honest about their opinions? The slightest indication of an opinion and – wham – there comes a weeks worth of talking points for the opposition.

    Agreed that nobody has much of a handle on the economy. I heard a report the other day that businesses are in fact flush with case but won’t spend it because of the uncertainty – wouldn’t that me amazing – the recovery is stalled because businesses are worried the recovery might be stalled….

  2. Hucking Fypocrites says:

    “Can I get a bipartisan shout out please that NO FREAKIN BODY knows what to do or what is going on regards the economy?!?!?!”

    Economics is like chemistry in that it mixes “elements” (policies) with the intention of getting a particular outcome.

    The problem with economics is that the effects those “elements” have are not static. What worked once might not work a second time. What failed before might work this time.

    I am fascinated with its dynamic nature.

  3. hippieprof says:

    BTW – what did Siena do? I can’t defend my fellow academics against charges of “crazy” until I have a bit more information…..

  4. Hucking Fypocrites says:

    “Agreed that nobody has much of a handle on the economy. I heard a report the other day that businesses are in fact flush with case but won’t spend it because of the uncertainty – wouldn’t that me amazing – the recovery is stalled because businesses are worried the recovery might be stalled….”

    That is 1 constant in economics—investors don’t like uncertainty.

  5. Hucking Fypocrites says:

    “BTW – what did Siena do? ”

    Rated Obama #15 of US presidents based on a series of metrics.

  6. Alfie says:

    Siena,exactly. It’s not entirely their fault so I’m not bashing them exclusively. How theother academics,allegedly history and poli sci types can in one breath talk about how history needed to play out for Truman and Ike but shelf the O at 15??!?!
    Funny about the chem/econ thing. My personal econ is ok for the most part. My personal chem? Well I feel better than I did recently and my pool chemistry is driving me crazy!!!!!

  7. hippieprof says:

    Alfie – I am agreed – no President should be rated until after their term – maybe even until long after their term. The Nobel thing was ridiculous – and frankly I think Obama was a bit embarrassed by it.

    I remember reading something from David Frum a while back. As You know, he worked in the Bush administration. After 911 lots of people were apparently asking him “Don’t you think Bush will be remembered as one of the greatest Presidents ever?” Well, we all know how that turned out.

  8. Tex Taylor says:

    I don’t think the economy is too hard to explain – we’ve been here before, except then the world much further behind. Keynesian economics punished us then. It’s killing us now.

    Corporations, small businesses, shareholders, and people that create real wealth and not census takers have been telling us for three years what the problem is, and people have their fingers in the ears, including many Republican lawyers that have been nominated to Congress.

    Huck touched on part of it – corporations and markets hate uncertainty. But the concern goes much deeper than uncertainty. It’s called risk vs. reward, and job creators are no longer willing to play the game with the cards they’ve been dealt. It’s a matter of survival now, with a feckless President and his minions having no clue to the understanding of free enterprise. This is the transformation promised, and Obama has delivered in spades. Yes We Can has been facilitated and like Jeremiah promised, the chickens have come home to roost.

    Exactly 4% of the so called stimulus package has been allocated to shovel ready jobs to rebuild infrastructure. This is but one example of the corruption of this Congress. It is thievery and dishonesty on display.

    We now have the second highest industrialized tax in the world. Any tax on corporations is a tax on people. Any tax short of a consumption tax is a tax on people. Companies are not going to begin hiring until the production field is leveled. Stockholders have received little or no return for the investments for over ten years now. People are not going to spend when the risk of Dimocrats controlling financial markets, changing the rules of business midstream, demanding more and more entitlements, adding more and more moochers and parasites to the entitlement roles in exchange for a vote, while productive citizens are stolen from in the process, while Congress continues to pass more laws hostile to business. Expenses go up, sales subside, people lose their jobs and hunker down.

    There is no incentive to grow the private business, in conjunction with little propensity to save and invest when there is no reward for the effort. It’s a vicious cycle and will continue until a new paradigm is invoked.

    Add in the corruption of Wall Street and Congress, hostility of private sector business, more threat of costly regulation, lack of performance, entitlement spending out of control, and people tapped out and burned out, wealth producers are sitting on the sidelines, and I don’t blame them. It’s the same song and dance.

    You will never get another economic recovery until the Dimocratic Congress is voted out of office, and people sitting in corner offices overlooking Madison Ave. and Wall St. are moved to pens with electrified fences. They will suffer nothing – you will be lucky to recognize your country in three years.

    And don’t believe you’re immune for a second. You’re far more exposed than you may think.

  9. Tex Taylor says:

    Dims continue to quote David Frum, not realizing he is now looked upon as Scott McClellan’s brother in arms. Kathleen Parker, Peggy Noonan, David Brooks…they’re all phonies too stupid to recognize the dangers of Obama.

    They came in a variety of names: Moderate Republican, Independents who lean right, RINOs. The now crawdad feigning with shock about how Obama a poseur – but their traitorous acts of 2008 and abject stupidity continue unabated, carrying no real authority or valued opinion in any circle.

    Keep quoting them Hippie. It’s not working and makes you too look the poseur, but you keep quoting if it makes you feel informed. You couldn’t be more wrong, as I predict you will soon learn.

  10. hippieprof says:

    Keep quoting them Hippie. It’s not working and makes you too look the poseur, but you keep quoting if it makes you feel informed. You couldn’t be more wrong, as I predict you will soon learn.

    See, Tex, it actually makes me happy to hear you talk like this. I would love nothing more than to see the ultra right wing (of which I consider you to be a member) continue to alienate the moderate influences in your party. You will never attract folks in the middle by moving farther and farther to the right. You most certainly will not attract the younger and more ethnically diverse demographic that is on its way in.

    Have you guys noticed – Alfie gets pretty pissed off being called a RINO? I would be pissed off too, if I were him. He is one of yours, for God’s sake – and all he has done is express an occasional moderate thought.

    Mark my words, if you drive the Alfies away from your party you are indeed on the way to being a permanent minority.

  11. Tex Taylor says:

    See, Tex, it actually makes me happy to hear you talk like this.

    Uh huh. Yeah, I’ve driven people so far away, there’s talk of a fundamental shift come this November. It wasn’t but 20 months ago, your feckless ilk was calling Conservatism dead – then we got Bongo and things have gone from bad to worse for you. I don’t put much faith in your predictions Hippie, nor do they worry me. You’ve been wrong far more often than you’ve been right.

    We’ll see how the younger generation likes you and the rest of your compadres after they’ve borrowed about $200K from Sallie Mae to find themselves unemployable. They’ll have your indoctrination talking points down, but you mind find yourself persona non grata in their circles when they learn they’ve been spoon fed a lie when they can’t find employment.

    Frum is a weak man whose values tend to ebb and flow with the dinner party invites in D.C. circles. You would dearly love more fools to listen to Frum, for you would love for Republicans to nominate more weak ninnies like McCain.

    All Obama knows how to do is manipulate the mob. And you’re a part of the mob.

    The time for honoring yourself will soon be at an end. And it can’t come soon enough.

  12. graychin says:

    I can’t wait for November to come and go. The little closed circle from which our “conservative” friends get their information is leading them down the primrose path. I like to follow political races on Intrade.com. It has been very accurate in the past, and if that holds you guys are in for a really ugly surprise.

    For example, Harry Reid was dead meat earlier this year. Now Intrade has him as a 47-46 favorite, and I don’t think his opponent is going to gain momentum as people get to know her better. She’s batshit crazy.

    Florida seemed like a lock for the Republicans until they drove Charlie Crist out of the party. Intrade has him at 50%, with the two “major” parties fighting over the crumbs. Who will Crist caucus with?

    The Dems are running ads showing Republicans at their craziest, with the tagline “This is how Republicans would govern.” We probably can’t counter the off-year trend of the party in power losing some seats, but you guys are setting yourselves up for a HUGE disappointment in November. The Dem majority will still be there, probably in slightly smaller numbers.

    You heard it here first! 😀

    “All Obama knows how to do is manipulate the mob.”

    Well, it’s not ALL he knows. And I wouldn’t call it manipulation so much as motivation. And we Democrats refer to that “mob” as “voters.” Other than that, I agree with that sentence! 😀

  13. Tex Taylor says:

    Huge Disappointment? Perhaps – more likely not. In trade is meaningless four months from an election.

    Harry Reid is a corrupt failure, has a 40% approval rating that hasn’t moved for a year, and his son has as much as abandoned his name. A lull before the storm when America gets a reminder of Dimocrats piss poor performance starting about Labor Day – and it is getting worse as the summer goes on. Congress approval ratings have never been lower, Americans in malaise, the economy stinks, the Gulf immersed in oil, and the states broke. People have lost all confidence in your big government.

    I remind you that your predictions have been even more feeble than Hippie’s – you are the one who told me Conservatism was dead for a generation twenty months ago on a board, and that more and more young people would begin to call themselves liberal. Not happening, even with large majority rule in every facet. It’s like when you call self-defined labels meaningless, only to define yourself as solid progressives on your own board as challenge. I assume you fail to see your inconsistency in opinion from day to day. It makes for good humor, much like a boastful and cocky blog moderator that when disgraced or defeated, happens to “lose” the opponent’s post.

    You are an incredibly arrogant man explaining why I sought you out to shoot you down, yet I have never determined why you believe yourself so talented, and even more confused now that we’ve had an open forum to debate. You don’t appear to read particular skilled with word or deed, particularly scholarly, or particularly astute. I was tickled to watch you struggle with a simple physics problem the other day, making every excuse in the book as to why you couldn’t get the answer right, including accusation I hadn’t “ask the question right”, though the question verbatim from an MCAT exan. Hippie gave a good account though his final answer wrong, because he provided a thorough explanation of action. A simple mistake. You, on the other hand could offer nothing of significance. I had always suspected you weren’t near as smart as you would like us all to believe. The more this adventure goes on, the weaker I find you. I find your thinking not only shallow, but your advertised superior intellect at best superficial. The man that shares your blog is the dumbest poster I’ve ever read. You ought to give him a push pop and ask him to eat it in another room.

    I did forget to mention something that need to be added to manipulating the mob, “while in campaign mode.” That’s all Obama knows how to do – campaign. Give me a “corpse man” or two from the “Magna Cum Laude” Harvard Review, won’t you?

    There’s a fine line between being able to manipulate, or motivate. Motivation lends itself to accomplishment. Manipulation is defined by failure – and America is telling you loud and clear you and your merry band of manipulating thugs, thieves, goons, and deviants have been an abject failure from Day 1.

  14. Tex Taylor says:

    Congratulations Liberals, Progressives, and Socialists one and all. That one venue of America that you can control from start to finish, the union men, and meandering of the young minds running a muck in our public school system.

    Some conservatives believe that the Democrats want the United States to be a socialist nation.Whether that’s true, her government has already become so, employing multiplying legions of union-dependents who are unfit for any craft or trade other than “government work.”

    Read it all and weep for your country as we admire your works:


  15. graychin says:

    Tex – are you under the delusion that I actually read your long, obsessive, hateful comments about me?

    I spent less than five seconds on your long-winded rant posted just above your ad for Pajamas Media.

  16. Tex Taylor says:

    Though addressed to you, they aren’t really for you – they’re to document for the rest of the world what a pompous ass and clueless slug you are physicist. 😉

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