Are you Jones-ing for a leader…


Are US flagged and union staffed vessels really enough?



  1. Interesting question Alfie. Our Merchant Marine Academy is? Well? Almost non-existent these days. Yet The Merchant Marine Academy is still the most difficult Academy to gain entrance to.

    My very first real job was as a deck hand on a fishing boat. I loved the sea, and studied very hard so that one day I might be able to gain entrance to the MMA. Lo, I only scored 89% on the exam and I also was not the son of a Merchant Marine Officer. So my dream was shot out of the water. The Unions had made a few deals over the years. Like bonus points for the children of Union Members… So the son of a dead United States Marine that scored higher then ANYONE ELSE had to take a back seat…

    Things may have changed since then. So, in all honesty I cannot say that’s how it is today. What I can say is that OUR Merchant Marine is, in fact, a strategic resource. We need to reclaim that as a nation.

    Why? Because of laws passed by Democrats…

  2. OOPS! Second sentence should not have Academy in it.

  3. Alfie says:

    Patrick thanks for your comment. I’m pleased to see the title and subject was understandable.

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