Now that’s retarded…..


Budget issues:check

War x 2 with threats bubbling elsewhere: check

Multiple issues domestic and international:check,check,check….

What is being worked on:removing the word retard,retarded etc. from the “federal lexicon”. (source)

There are so many things wrong with this it isn’t funny.STOP THE MADNESS! please.

*** of note. This should not be used to tar Obama or Palin just to name a couple of likely targets. There are way too many Americans and congress critters that are in line with this kind of retarded legislative action***



  1. graychin says:

    What are just a few of those “many things wrong with this”? It seems pretty harmless to me.

    We stopped calling mute people “dumb.” I’m sure that someone like Alfie was outraged about it – a century ago.

    People get irate over the darnedest things. What will it hurt to call “retards” intellectually disabled, if that’s what the people who love them prefer?

    I can’t wait for the next time Alfie strikes up a conversation with the parents of a “retarded” child. Will he stick to his guns and insist on referring to the child as “retarded”? Or will he drop his purposefully politically-incorrect nastiness and be considerate of the parents’ feelings? Stay tuned!

    Alfie, on this lovely Monday morning, how about showing some outrage about something that matters? Like the final episode of Lost. 😀

  2. Alfie says:

    Don’t watch Lost so I’m not feeling your pain.
    If there is a specific diagnosis I support using the name;however,retarded,retardation etc. are not the evil words pc’ers want to make them out as.
    Along those lines I have called people retards,defended retarded people when they were being picked on via teasing etc. with the word retard by those that were obviously more retarded than the the individual with one of the developmental disabilities that come under the umbrella.
    As for the people that love them…I don’t expect them to call the loved ones by anything other than their names.
    The dumb argument isn’t the same seeing as dumb was also meant to be synonymous with a lack of intelligence without a diagnosis.
    So no I will use the words retard,retarded and retardation in all appropriate situations taking due care to find out if there is a specific diagnosis and more correct term. I will also stress that my use isn’t an insult.
    Lastly as the grass isn’t getting any shorter. I always have a problem with feel good politics and named laws other than the missing children ones,so I’m entirely consistent here.

  3. Elric66 says:

    You have to remember Alifie, the marxist love to control the language. But I am more concerned about taking islam out of islamic terrorism. That is the real outrage.

  4. Tex Taylor says:

    Well we used to call being happy simply feeling gay. Then the Left took a perfectly good word (like they did tolerance) and redefined the meaning to acceptable forms of perversion.

    Of course, this is the same fine folks who call infanticide “pro choice” too.

    If there’s anything libs love to do more than rewrite history, it’s rewrite definition.

  5. Tex Taylor says:

    The weekly Failure of Bongo Report

    How about the big 44% approval rating? As popular a dengue fever. 🙂

  6. One of the more insidious effects of PC fever is that it allows the disingenous to spend more time arguing about the language and “how it makes people feel” and less time actually focusing on matters of real import. But since it makes its proponents feel so good about what they are[n’t] doing, the weak minded and the easily distracted can bask in the warm, fuzzy feeling that crusading for nothing can give them.

  7. Alfie says:

    BIC I think that comment has a ton o’ truth in it.Thanks for stopping by

  8. Elric66 says:

    Im more worried about the 100 billion bailout to the unions and teachers. Where the fvck are we getting all this money?

  9. graychin says:

    Where the fvck are we getting all this money?

    The same place we got all the money for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and for Medicare Part D.

  10. The magic of the printing press?

  11. Tex Taylor says:

    The same place we got all the money for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and for Medicare Part D.

    And yet, crickets from the Pragmatist {snort} about this outstanding performance from THE ONE who QUADRUPLED the debt. Hypocrisy and the double standard, where is thy sting?

    At least we won the Iraq War… 😉

  12. graychin says:

    If the worst charge that you can make against the Obama Administration is for “misunderestimating” future unemployment, then I guess they’re doing well.

    “At least we won the Iraq War…”

    We did? I guess it depends on how you define “win.” We declared “mission accomplished” years ago. Why are we still there fighting?

  13. Tex Taylor says:

    Pragmatist {snort},

    If the worst charge that you can make against the Obama Administration is for “misunderestimating” future unemployment, then I guess they’re doing well.

    😆 😆

    Is anyone else the least bit surprised that Graychin Pragmatist would discount a federal budget over sixteen months that has indebted each person in America (here legally, of course) $11,300 to watch 3.4 million jobs lost, probably really closer to six million jobs lost, as doing well?

    Well, if that one didn’t blow you away, how about a ten fold increase in budgetary deficit when comparing the years 2007 vs. estimated 2010? (please page down)

    Now we haven’t made it to foreign successes of Obama yet? Which one of these is best?

    Iran sanctions?
    Russian relations?
    Attacks on Israel for Jewish settlements in Jerusalem?
    Trashing the special relationship with Britain?
    Insulting the Canadians in their own capital?
    Failure to secure the border with Mexico?
    Selling out our Eastern European and Central Asian allies in order to get the Iran deal that never was?
    Dialoguing with Kim Jong Il?
    Cairo speech which stabbed Arabs liberals in the back?
    Failure to congratulate the Iraqis on a successful election?

    This list is far from comprehensive about “Bongo Foreign Policy ‘Successes.” It speaks nothing of the gaffes, from speaking Austrian to sending DVD’s of himself to the queen that wouldn’t play.

    I guess my expectations were a little higher for someone you consider “gifted and special.”

    Sucks to be you, hey Gray?

  14. Hucking Fypocrites says:

    “Why are we still there fighting”

    Because the Commander-in-Cheif of the Armed Forces hasn’t removed his troops.

  15. graychin says:

    I guess that means that we haven’t “won” yet.

  16. Tex Taylor says:

    I guess that means that we haven’t “won” yet.

    We haven’t left Germany either dip. Did we not win that one? We’ve got troops in Japan still. Did we win that one? We left troops in Kuwait? Did we win Desert Storm?

    Guess we haven’ t won anything ever, right Gray?

    This man has set his brain on permanent low flame – he didn’t used to be this obtuse or dumb.

  17. graychin says:

    Last time I checked, the Germans and Japanese still want us there. Although I’m not so sure about the Japanese.

    So “winning” means gaining the right to keep troops stationed in the losing country in perpetuity? That’s fantastic!

    Who should we invade next – Iran or North Korea?

  18. Tex Taylor says:

    Last time I checked, the Germans and Japanese still want us there. Although I’m not so sure about the Japanese.

    Yeah, when we threatened to pull out of South Korea and Germany when they started acting like assholes, when suddenly their people got a personal epiphany and said, “Hey, we are just kidding.” We stay there to keep the peace – it’s a bravery that is beyond you and Bongo. Your idea of bravery is hitting the donut shop with the other bohunks each morning bad mouthing American Imperialism, and building a feckless blog with no traffic. Failure. 🙂

    Now about Iraq. I think it is worth remembering, that if we had left the Presidential election up to the Iraqi people, we’d be saying President McCain about now. You always forget that when you’re telling me they don’t want us there. If so, tell Bongo to pull the rip cord immediately – Just Do It!

    I’m enjoying watching your hero be given the bird from Mahmoud and Kim Jong Il. How’s that dialogue working for you now genius? Does Obama have the balls to pull the trigger on something besides a drone? That’s the question you blowhards have to ask yourself.

  19. Elric66 says:

    “If so, tell Bongo to pull the rip cord immediately – Just Do It! ”

    LOL Bongo……

    You show too much patience with the drone Tex. But I do enjoy seeing you slap the moron around.

  20. Elric66 says:

    Whats retarded is approving a mosque on Ground Zero

  21. stella says:

    you shouldn’t have to have a child with special needs to understand how hurtful it is to have to hear the words retard and retarded everywhere you go. why it is so hard to understand that these word demean and dehumanize people who are vulnerable. they get what you are saying, when you mock them with your words yet they usually can’t defend themselves. do you use other slurs that you defend? probably not.
    so you are allowed to use the words retard and retarded, no one is banning them. yet when we speak out and say ouch, you call it p.c. I call it free speech.

  22. Alfie says:

    stella thanks for commenting. Your closing statement is incorrect though. The pc action IS when people are kept from using words. I’m sorry if certain words make you feel icky,remember the old saying “sticks and stones….

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