Let’s Nuke Mexico…


I am beside myself secondary to the donkey show American sovereignty was put through today.

The failure of a president of a failed state was afforded an audience in front of the Congress of the United States of America so he could verbally bitch slap the legal and proper choice of one of our states.No matter how you slice it Calderon is simply a sniveling piece of crap. How dare he come here and dictate how we should see fit to protect our citizens.He is especially shit like due to the fact that he does so not out of any real concerns of human rights but of worry over the potential financial impact it will have on his third world, corrupt rat hole of a nation.

Every member of Congress that applauded this guy should be shot.

Well maybe that’s too harsh but not by much. The treasonous congress critters may very well count mere polite persons who salute diplomatic niceties over love of country. There is also every reason to believe there are those in Congress with less functioning brain matter compared to knee jerk autonomic responses to the actions of the likes of Reid,Pelosi and let’s say Kerry.None the less let the record show that those that applauded a foreign nationals call for our surrendering of our sovereignty deserve to be ousted from the office of the People!

Mexico’s Problems

Mexico’s problems are more than their northern neighbors drug lust. A lust the people,criminals and even the government of Mexico fail to be but most attentive to.The Mexican people have bigger problems than the much overplayed and demonstrably false story that weapons imported from the gringos is a great bane of their national existence.

Mexico has little chance of winning their war against the cartels. The story that the increase in violence is indicative of the government achieving success is propaganda of the highest order.Even if drugs,all of them, were legalized tomorrow does anyone believe the cartels simply fade away?

I feel for the common folk of Mexico. I appreciate the reality that they could be so much better off if they could just get into the USA. I wish them well,sincerely I do. I must however hold them and theirs up to the same standards they hold Guatemalans,Hondurans and many others from south of their nation.I must champion the laws and sovereignty of this nation,for if we do not we will not have a nation.



  1. PanAm says:

    You are more colorful than some others might be in expressing views concerning the topic of illegal immigration, President Calderon’s comments during his visit, etc., but the clarity of the arguments are appreciated… Take care…

  2. Elric66 says:

    Really hard to contain your rage for these demomarxists, isnt it? You see why I have such contempt for the drones?

  3. Alfie says:

    PanAm thank you for including the distinction of illegal immigration in your comment. I support legal immigration and I applaud those from all nations who come through the door and do this nation an honor by becoming citizens.

  4. Alfie says:

    Elric I have actually been mad and sad off and on for that last 4-5 days and I lean towards being a little ashamed that so many news stories have affected me so.

  5. Elric66 says:

    No. You should be ashamed if it didnt affect you so. These are 5th collumnist intentionally destroying the country. No shame in being pissed off.

  6. Why waste a nuke? As far as the drug war goes, no complete legalization would not make them just up and disappear Alfie. But, it would go a long way towards breaking their bank. Money, is power after all. Mexico needs a real live revolution. One where the people take the Hidalgo’s and cartels to the proverbial woodshed.

    Blessed with many natural resources, the only reason it is in reality a third world nation, and a failed one at that, is because of oppressive leadership.

  7. Tex Taylor says:

    Shoot Alfie.

    I thought Calderon’s speech quite elegant and just if you compare it to our own Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy Michael Posner’s dressing down America Tour for the benefit of Communist China – even when not on the agenda for discussion.

    Never miss an opportunity to excuse human rights abuses when you can bad mouth your own country! Right Obama?

    I mean who knew Communist China more fair in their treatment of its citizens than America? I’ve been on the look out all day for Abrams tanks running me over.

  8. Don’t forget the Predator Drones Tex…

  9. Tex Taylor says:

    Gosh Patrick, I hadn’t thought of that threat from the sky. I should have been looking up when I was looking right and left. I was completely unprepared mowing my lawn!

  10. Hucking Fypocrites says:

    As pissed as I am at Calderon, I am more pissed at those who stood and applauded him.

    Especially those who stood who have admitted they have not actually read the bill they are opposing.

  11. Tex Taylor says:

    As pissed as I am at Calderon, I am more pissed at those who stood and applauded him.

    Especially those who stood who have admitted they have not actually read the bill they are opposing.

    Just saw that Huck – appeared to be all Dimocrats doing the applauding too. I’ve grown accustomed to the American hatin’ and charges of Imperialism from Dimocrats. No surprise, though as most are traitors. After all, look at what our post racial President and his party have done to heal race relations. 😉

    However, I think we should encourage this behavior. Many Americans have had it up to here with being called racists or being told that they’ve gotta bend a knee to any and every crazed leftist claim.

  12. graychin says:

    Which part of Mexico would you nuke, Alfie? Mexico City? Juarez? Tijuana?

    San Antonio? 😀

    Seriously, I gotta say that this blog post makes no sense at all. What’s your point?

  13. Elric66 says:

    The point is that the “president” and his Mexican counter part smeared and lied about AZ’s law in Congress and your demomarxist buddies cheered. Thats the point.

  14. graychin says:

    Whether his remarks about the AZ law were a smear and a lie seems to be subject to dispute among reasonable people.

    You and Alfie seem to have gotten your undergarments into a huge bunch over the whole thing. It’s really odd that some people get upset enough over a speech to suggest nuking an entire country.

    I know – hyperbole and all that. But still – it’s as if you’ve got a huge chip on your shoulders about Mexico.

  15. Elric66 says:

    “Whether his remarks about the AZ law were a smear and a lie seems to be subject to dispute among reasonable people.”

    The law specifically forbids racial profiling moron. Yes he is a liar and a discrace.

  16. Whether his remarks about the AZ law were a smear and a lie seems to be subject to dispute among reasonable people.

    No, not “reasonable” people, just ones who either haven’t read the law (and compared it to the already existing yet somehow unoffending Federal law), or have read it and choose to ignore its plain meaning.

  17. Tex Taylor says:

    I’m making more notes of Graychinisms so I an use them for further reference. Hell, I might start creating my own database table of them and just randomly query them in for response.

    (1) The reference to logical fallacies ad infinitum – I think I shamed him on the T-World board so these have grown less common.
    (2) Tin foil hat jokes ad infinitum
    (3) Huge chip on shoulder references ad infinitum

  18. Tex Taylor says:

    I thought Sean Hannity made a valid point tonight. Why don’t we solve our illegal immigration problem by adopting Mexico’s own policy for illegal immigration?

    Just deport them to Guatemala, or a choice of ten years hard labor for second offense. Being I am not without mercy and would do the same thing in their position, my suggestion would be to deport them to San Francisco and L.A., which we can then build a fence around more cheaply.

    Afterwards, we’ll have Arizona turn the lights off on L.A. and the L.A. city council can work by candlelight. 🙂

    Finally people, more specifically Conservatives, are starting to figure out how to deal with libs. That is, they only understand three things: (1) Their own pocketbook, (2) their own pain, (3) A vicious punch to the mouth.

    Libs are like radical Islamists without the big set of balls. Rule #1 wouldn’t apply to jihadists.

  19. El Tigre says:

    And the Dems in Congress cheered and gave ovations. Outrageous.

  20. Elric66 says:


    Amen. If I was in Congress, thats what I would have told that POS (Calderon or al-Thuggy). Fine we will use Mexican immigration law instead.

  21. Alfie says:

    graychin…not for nothing buddy but you seem to have read nothing but the post title and some of the comments.
    I know – hyperbole and all that. But still – it’s as if you’ve got a huge chip on your shoulders about Mexico.
    Yes the title is hyperbole. Yes I have a huge chip on my shoulder but its more about the USA than Mexico. It’s called patriotism and respect for the rule of law and acceptance of the Realpolitik that is Sovereignty Matters.

  22. Alfie says:

    Yes to those that point out the true nature of Calderons time in the limelight. This was a dressing down of Arizona as well as the rest of the country. I covered it some more and Huck added a great comment in my other post.
    Thanks to all for taking the time to add a comment.-Alfie

  23. Elric66 says:


    As I said, we dont always agree but we find common ground on things like this. With the drones, not so much. The law specifically forbids racial profiling and the POS “president” and his drone disciples deliberately ignore it. The drones support the destruction of the US. Read this and tell me this isnt happening now and that the drones arent going along.


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