Arrr Crap!!!

Yesterday I saw a report somewhere about yet another Somali pirate conquest. This time it was a Russian oil tanker that was attacked and taken. The Russians dispatched the Marshal Shaposhnikov but the reporter felt it was safe to assume they wouldn’t make the scene. Guess what? They did! I don’t know the Somali translation of “Arr Crap! but I’m thinking it was uttered,muttered and screamed somewhere in the Gulf of Aden. Russian forces have freed the crew of a Russian oil tanker seized by Somali pirates off the coast of Yemen, in a dramatic rescue operation. Ten pirates have been arrested, and one was killed during the gun battle. They are being held aboard the tanker, Russian defence ministry spokesman Col Alexei Kuznetsov said. They will be transferred to Moscow to face charges. BBC




  1. Elric66 says:

    Thats how you handle naval jihadists.

  2. Hucking Fypocrites says:

    I was just reading something this morning talking about Somali pirates evacuating some port because another clan/group/whatever has taken it over. If I see it again I will post a link.

  3. Only one dead? The Russians are slipping. This points out what a Somali acquaintance of mine has said many times though. “Those with power write the rules, and power can change hands in an instant!”

  4. Alfie says:

    Looks like there is some chatter about the Russians “releasing” the pirates. Some internationals think the pirates may have been released into the ocean dead. Others think it is a great deal that’ll serve to tell other would be pirates to lay off Russian ships. I’m going with dead.

  5. Elric66 says:

    Toss ’em in a pig farm.

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