Thirsty for a better America…

is what I am.

My home state of Massachusetts has had some water issues of late. First there was all the flooding from the rains and now we have the fallout from the recent water main break which has thrown Boston and its MWRA (Mass. Water Resources Authority) dependent environs into a tizzy.

Both of these events have provided further examples of how bad we have become as a nation.

Although I feel for the people who lost property and peace of mind during the flooding it was by far incomparable to say- Katrina.

People play it too close to the vest comforting themselves with the false security offered by arrogance and ignorance. They turn into babies when a very natural act occurs and then in true neo-Americana offer up an open hand looking for a hand out.

Now we have people fist fighting over bottled water and city government looking to lock up store owners simply because we all are too freaking stupid to do one simple thing. BOIL THE WATER!!! The MWRA has been for the most part extremely open and efficient and have been stressing the whole boil water order thing from the get go. No no no we are babies. We need the government to pass out bottled water. I look around and am absolutely disgusted.

America has become a nation of wussies and we are the laughing-stock of those that would like to see us taken down. How fucking pathetic we must look to some jihadist who comes from a village which has a water supply permanently tainted with camel piss! We, a nation super glued to the public teet of entitlement programs,where people call 911 because McDonalds screws up their McNugget order and now we prove we are wide open to hydro-driven stupidity.



  1. Rutherford says:

    Without knowing all the details behind this, I have to say you have a sound argument. We Americans are for the most part a pampered lot. We live better than 90% of the world and yet we still piss and moan.

    I don’t have an answer for it, honestly.

  2. Elric66 says:


    Thats what happens when people are dependent on the government.

  3. So much for the “rugged individual.” I for one become truly embarrassed when I see things such as this…

  4. Alfie says:

    Patrick it is insane. We have people who can’t figure out how to
    a. Boil water
    b. Allow boiled water to cool before use.
    c. Do basic math that a case of water bottles that sell singly for $1.50+ may very well cost at least $16.

  5. Alfie says:

    I have to give ABC props for not trying to put a leash on Tapper.

  6. Elric66 says:


    Thats because the libs have dumbed down the schools.

  7. Elric66 says:

    Ann Arbor School Holds Black Kids Only Field Trip to Hear Rocket Scientist Speak, White Students Banned to “Close Achievement Gap”…

    An Ann Arbor elementary school principal used a letter home to parents tonight to defend a field trip for black students as part of his school’s efforts to close the achievement gap between white and black students.

    Dicken Elementary School Principal Mike Madison wrote the letter to parents following several days of controversy at the school after a field trip last week in which black students got to hear a rocket scientist.

    “In hindsight, this field trip could have been approached and arranged in a better way,” Madison wrote. “But as I reflect upon the look of excitement, enthusiasm and energy that I saw in these children’s eyes as they stood in the presence of a renowned African American rocket scientist in a very successful position, it gave the kids an opportunity to see this type of achievement is possible for even them.

    Thirsty for an al-Thuggy America?

  8. Elric66 says:

    MORGAN HILL (CBS 5) ― On Cinco de Mayo, five Morgan Hill high school students came to school in red, white and blue, and got a very public lesson in school politics and free speech.

    The boys came to Live Oak High School on the Mexican holiday, wearing t-shirts, shorts and shoes emblazoned with American flags.

    Around 10 a.m., the assistant principal told sophomore Matthew Dariano he had to remove his bandana, which is against school policy.

    But then Dariano said the assistant principal told all him and all his friends to take off their shirts, or turn them inside out, because some Hispanic students were upset and the school feared it would start a fight.

    Dariano is part Mexican.

    “Our Hispanic vice principal was taking their side, and was thinking that we were being racist towards them, so he was discriminating against us, making us take off our stuff,” Dariano said.

    “We’re not trying to start trouble,” said student Austin Carvalho. “We’re in America. We can’t wear our own colors?”

    The boys refused to take off the shirts. They were not suspended, but they were sent home.

    Referring to his shirt, student Dominic Macielsaid, “I think it was disrespectful to my country, if I flip this inside out.” Maciel is also part Mexican.

    The parents of the five boys said the school’s decision was un-American.

    “You can’t just single out these five. It doesn’t work that way. That’s not what America is about,” said Julie Fagerstrom.

    Cinco de Mayo is popular at Live Oak, which is 40 percent Latino. The school even had ethnic dancers perform at lunch.
    Isnt multiculturism awesome!!!!!

    ******or click CBS 5

  9. Alfie says:

    Truly unbelievable how those in charge of educating the kids are so freaking stupid.

  10. Elric66 says:

    Stupid? They arent stupid. Its an agenda.

  11. Elric66 says:

    Pelosi: It’s Cheaper to Treat Teens For Drug Abuse Than it is to Secure Mexican Border…

    Vile people and Powell supports this regime

  12. Hucking Fypocrites says:

    Worth mentioning it’s from 2007.

  13. Elric66 says:

    Ohh its from 2007, so who cares right? Guy probably had a change of heart since then. Geesh

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