The Friday Funnies…

Iranian Stand Up

Iran’s obvious attempt to stay relevant Iran’s Armed Forces Chief of Staff Major General Hassan Firouzabadi has uttered these jewels:

“If the US seriously threatens Iran and takes an action against Iran, none of the US soldiers in the region will return to America alive,”

Too funny!

The more Iran is basically ignored the more they become a pathetic whiny bunch of babies.

Got your Weedies?

I’ve been sitting on this one for awhile but it has proven far from irrelevant:



  1. jonolan says:

    These were just too funny. I ended up stealing the “Fair Trade” image. 😉

  2. Rutherford says:

    Both funny. Regarding the former, Pat Buchanan was saying this morning Iran is all talk and no action. Not even close deploying nukes. This is not to say that we should be complacent but Iran talks a very good game.

  3. Tex Taylor says:

    That was great Alfie! 😆

    The hypocrisy of greenie weed whackers should be exposed.

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