In2the MiningDisaster:I can’t dig it…


I feel for the families that are suffering the loss of their loved ones in full view of the media munching masses and I definitely wouldn’t want to be one of the miners dying in a hole in the ground.

With that said though I have to shout from the rooftops that enough is enough from the talking heads and all round shit heads I’m being deluged with from the MSM.

I’ll grant you that Massey Energy may not be the greatest employer on the planet. I’ll give you that the mine in the spotlight has a ton of citations on it. Even with that though this whole thing is bullshit,phony and at times down right crazy.

Did you know that in the first 4 months of this year the coal mines of America have been issued 20,232 citations?

Did you know that in 2009 the coal mines in the USA saw 238 hours of inspections per mine?

Did you know that there are over 133,000 coal miners in the USA?

Did you know Massey Energy supervisors have routinely pulled miners out of the mine due to safety concerns,specifically methane alerts?

Did you know that coal mining is one of the most dangerous jobs in America?

Did you know that even if the USA were to experience 45 miners deaths in 2010 that that still comes out to a mere .034% of the coal mining workforce?

I’m not asking all this to offer Massey Energy or Mr. Blakenship a pass. I’m just saying we are surely shooting our load on an incident that is far from the end of the world. When I see climate change shit bags use this as a reason to end coal mining and push alternative energy I go BOOM! When I listen to people spouting off that unionization would’ve prevented this,I laugh my ass off. When I hear someone say the miners are essentially economically blackmailed to do the job I want to vomit due to the oversimplification and utter nonsense of the statement.

The government,who a number of my fellow Americans think can run health care,are involved in the mines. the owners and operators of the mines in America do not relish incidents like this nor do they enjoy lesser incidents. As Massey is experiencing a hit on Wall St. shows.

It is sad these men have died. It is sad that there are jobs that no matter what anyone does have at there heart a high level of danger. It is sad too many people are willing to use the deaths of the miners to pursue agendas.



  1. I spent a while as a hard rock miner, with a single project in a coal mine… If I NEVER have to go into another one of those holes it will be too soon. Thing of it is? Everything is safety when you are mining. It doesn’t matter Above ground, in the hole, traversing the mine site, everywhere. No matter how careful you are, you will at some point commit a violation. Your Job Boss, your Lead man, and your fellow workers will be on you in a split second. Why? Because when, not if, something does go wrong you will not just be taking yourself out. It’s the Miners themselves that police themselves, and for good reasons. Unions? When the Guys wid no necks (No that was no misspell) barged onto out work site and handed us ballots they got written responses, not check marks in the boxes. “I don’t need no union to cover my a**”

    Godspeed to the rescue crews.

  2. Alfie says:

    I think the delays are ominous to say the least. As for the safety actions I’ve seen some examples of what you say. Thanks for chipping in with your comment.

  3. Rutherford says:

    I see your point Alfie. Don’t you agree though that Massey could use a better figurehead than Blankenship. Dude comes off as a major a-hole. Or do you think that’s just media spin?

    Also, I do think this falls under regulatory incompetence. Mine should have been shut down until it could pass inspections. Why was it allowed to keep running. Because coal is money? (A paraphrase of something Blankenship said.)

  4. Dude comes off as a major a-hole says:

    “Dude comes off as a major a-hole.”

    Like your “president” does.

  5. Alfie says:

    re blakenship: I think the guy is someone I wouldn’t want to work for. His face time aside though he has given Massey Energy something to be happy about.Depending on how the inevitable investigation and Wall Street follow up goes he may be out of a job.

  6. Regulatory incompetence really does come to mind. We had MSHA inspectors around on an almost daily basis. That hole should have been closed and production stopped until it passed all safety guidelines.

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