You down with OPA?

OPA is Obama’s Private Army

It is one of those things the extreme right has grabbed onto with all its might and refuses to let go. This really sucks for folks like me who wants to point out the things Obama et al really do that represent real,true problems. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. When people from the center to right spectrum want to do battle with BHO they better bring their A-game,not the BS one.

The rightosphere is smoldering or ablaze depending on one’s perspective over the news of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care law ,aka HCR,aka ObamaCare, line item concerning a commissioned corps and reserve.

People people people.

The thing alluded to on page 1312 is in fact the Commissioned Corps of officers that is the United States Public Health Service. This long time arm,that’s arm not army, has provided public health services home and abroad for like ever and was formalized in ’44. They dress like Navy officers and enjoy the pay and benefits of the military. They are only officers,no enlisted foot soldiers coming to get you. They provide primary care to Indians,as in native Americans, Federal prisoners,the Coast Guard and NOAA. They also serve under served areas with extensive primary care services.They also can be found in the research and service wings of agencies such as HHS,FDA,NIH and so on.

They are being increased….

Oooohhhh nooooo the boogey man?!! Not really the Corps has been undergoing a modernization (transformation) program since the early 2000’s. That’s transformative as in the Rumsfield doctrine of DoD management.

Yeah that’s right George W Bush started this latest craze. The increases in numbers as well as the calling up of the reserve elements of the Corps was put in place back in 2003. This was done to ensure an adequate public health response in the face of terrorism and natural disasters.(9/11,Katrina mean anything??) Bush also initiated an increase in community health centers,something the libbies loathe to credit him for.The USPHS Corps staff some of those too.

So folks Obama and the HCR/PPAC 2010 has a lot of things that are fatal flaws. Real ones! Can we move onto those please?

So What’s going on?

Access in short order can only be accomplished via utilizing the USPHS. Also since Obama is sure to jump at the next Haiti he’ll need them there too. USPHS as well as the NHSC (National health Service Corps) will surely be at the forefront of the various points of health care. The USPHS and NHSC are excellent ways to boost physician strength which is otherwise dipping and HCR overall will be killing. (that would be one of those real things I want to rant about btw) Loan forgiveness and service commitments will make the O plan look good,especially after the MSM polishes it some.

Same as Bush. Yup another copy cat situation. Obama will need USPHS to be there if the happenings of that September day ever happens again.

Some sourcing stuff

for a fact check on the other private army story:

For some USPHS history

For some Bush-era stats I’ve alluded to:

For an example of right-wing craziness:



  1. Rutherford says:

    Interesting post Alfie. Is this your roundabout way of saying Obama is doing something right? 😉

  2. Alfie says:

    I believe in the USPHS.
    I think Obama is NOT the author of this.
    I think ObamaCare or whatever you call it is an abomination that along with a laundry list of fiscal issues will see the USA lose its standing forever.
    Otherwise the post is what it is. We can’t be grabbing false fruits to bash Obama when there is a whole freakin’ orchard available.

  3. Well? Nobody can say that Alfie is in lockstep with me. As it appears to be a rather direct attack on my post about this.

    Funny though, the follow ups have not been responded too. And the basic post is a near carbon copy of the comment left at CLO about this.

    Sorry Friend, but this is not the USPHS, not the one that I worked with on disaster planning and such…

    How many days now..?

  4. Alfie says:

    Patrick this isn’t an attack on you and I stand by my points. I’ll add : THIS This shows the likely candidate of who wrote it this time-Mr. Waxman.
    If you look at the laws as well as the supporting links I’ve including,especially the WND article the reality is that the Commissioned Corps is the Commissioned Corps aka the USPHS.
    I’m more than willing to agree to disagree,I hope you are too.

  5. Elric66 says:

    Dem Rep. Phil Hare on ObamaCare: ‘I Don’t Worry About the Constitution’…

    Im down with the Constitution. Apparently demomarxists and drones not so much.

  6. Well Alfie, it makes no sense. Think about it, they, the USPHS has been around forever. Why this then? I’m just saying that I think that there is more to this…

  7. Alfie says:

    Patrick let me be clear that a big reason for this now is a) the same as previous times. b) full knowledge that the HCR will hurt physician availability.The latter has some real smelly political possibilities tied to it especially when you take into account increases over at the NHSC.
    You,me and everyone else are gonna be watching this thing roll out.Don’t take my post as meaning I’m not keeping my eyes open.

  8. The text of the speech that got this all started can be found here:

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