The Monday Mount Up 3.29.2010

Mount Up...the remnants of the Light Brigade

A few things on my mind that could be called random:

Tax and what?

You ever notice when the government gives out a tax cut or credit it costs them but when a company loses a tax cut that doesn’t cost the company real money somehow?

I of course am speaking about the companies announcing a financial hit (AT&T,Deere,Verizon) and the douches Slaughter and Waxman getting all uppity about it.

Arrests made to protect Muslims

This is interesting in some ways. It may be a bit about nothing but it still struck me. Members of a “Christian militia” called Hutaree have been arrested on a number of charges. It seems the trigger for the raids were concerns of possible attacks on Muslims.

Volvo no more

So the Chinese auto maker Geely has gotten it’s little grubby hands on Volvo. I like Volvos actually contrary to the stereotype of the car being only for liberals. Geely is a player in the crowded Chinese auto maker market. They are known for making cheap shitboxes and being supported by the government. Now they have Volvo and any aspirations I ever had to owning one is now dead.



  1. Elric66 says:

    Word up

  2. Elric66 says:

    Exclusive: The new federal menu mandate meets the real world

    Feel proud drones????????????

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