Dear Obama, #2

Dear President I am writing you today to tell you how badly you suck. I recognize your screeners dump many letters such as this in the recycling bin every day but it doesn’t hurt to speak one’s mind,or at least it shouldn’t.

One of the best things to impact overall health care costs,especially in light of physician shortages (yeah that’s on you too) is self-care. A great synergizer of that principle has been the use of Flexible Spending Accounts FSA. These little babies really helped to offset the costs of over the counter (OTC) items such as cold and cough medicines,band aids and wound care products.

Well in your and your parties infinite wisdom one of the quickest effects of the health care reform law you incessantly gloat about is the elimination of this benefit.Starting in 2011 people like me can use my post tax dollars to pay for these things. I can drop FSA coverage and help companies like WageWorks go under. I can decide to use my insurance,clog the health care system and get all prescription stuff.

FSA’s and HSA’s are the true Republican ideas regards health care reform. You’ve killed that and therefore should probably shut your fucking mouth. So should the MSM monkeys that want everyone to believe mandates are a conservative idea.

You really are a fucking idiot aren’t you?




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  1. I se that Alfie is holding back again…

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