10 Billion reasons Democrats suck…

It’s baaaack.

The whole let’s extend unemployment benefits thing.

I fully appreciate how much it sucks to be unemployed in any day and age and have extra sympathy for those unemployed in this day and age. The thing is though that we as a nation really,really need to start actually paying for some stuff. If we can’t use 10 billion from the unused and or returned stimulus/TARP fund kitty I think we better just hang it up.

Well the Dems don’t want to pay for shit

#1. Wait till November dumbasses.

#2. It’s only 10 billion for crying out loud. I’m thinking the Dems don’t want to be seen as spending tax money. How fucked is that? Everyone expects you guys to.

#3. Do the Democrats actually care ? I don’t know I think they get cake either way. they either parade the extension or parade the false unemployment digits when the checks don’t go out.

Unemployment sure, but WTF?

In addition to extending unemployment insurance, the legislation would prevent scheduled cuts to Medicare payments to doctors; extend COBRA healthcare subsidies for the unemployed; and extend a satellite television licensing agreement that allows rural residents to view network television.

#1. How funny is it that HERE the dems care about cutting Medicare funds?!?

#2. Rural TV????



  1. Elric66 says:

    I could think of a few trillion reasons.

  2. Rural television..? Why? So we can watch more of obama..?

  3. Tex Taylor says:

    Rutherford and ‘Wally’ Curator are enough for me.

    Who needs 10 billion when two will suffice? 🙂

  4. Elric66 says:

    Hey Tex!

  5. Alfie says:

    Hello Tex thanks for stopping by. I likie the avatar,you definitely find some interesting ones.

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