The Bay State Governor race of 2010: #1 So it Begins…

I’ve initiated coming to terms with the highly likely chance that the scum bag pygmy Deval Patrick will win reelection. I base this on two points.

Tim Cahill makes a credible third-party candidate. His campaign mirrors Bill Clinton’s triangulation scheme which is ironic since Dick Morris (yeah that guy)is helping GOP challenger Christy Mihos. Cahill running as an independent takes a Clinton Democrat stance on the issues and flirts with being center yet slightly left. He will undoubtedly attract precious (I) voters away from whoever stands as the GOP candidate.The only potential consolation I can garner from his candidacy is that perhaps D frustrations and old school Massachusetts racism will create him as the defacto Dem thus siphoning votes from Deval “Obama-Lite” Patrick.

Charlie Baker is the early fave of the GOP faithful here in Mass. All 63 of them. Anyway he has a history that will surely come under attack in the general election and motivate the blue states KOS Krews et al. Baker will also likely face a bruising primary against Mihos. Mihos who previously ran as an (I) and along with a commie dyke, detracted attention from the Healey /Patrick election thus allowing Patrick to win. The math will a bit different but I fear the same result.

In closing I have to say that I am very unimpressed by Bakers opening moves. Mihos and Cahill actually look like they’d like to be in the corner office on Beacon Hill. Baker not so much. Meanwhile Patrick is playing the violin as Mass. burns  ala Nero.


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  1. I think the various Governors races will be more than interesting this go round. Ex Governor Moonbat is running, and will probably win in California. Colorado is up for grabs as Bill Ritter’s utter failure in the position convinced him not to seek reelection there. Here in Wyoming things are heating up also. The story looks pretty much the same across the nation. Heck,there are even beginning to be some rather serious calls for impeachment or recall of obama…

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