It’s not that they’re gay…it’s because they’re pussies…


Former NATO Commander John J. Sheehan testified on Thursday that Holland’s policy allowing openly gay soldiers to serve in the country’s military contributed to the Srebrenica massacre in 1995. The Dutch Defense Ministry said the comments were ‘outrageous and unworthy of a soldier.’

Blah blah blah…

The unionized,yes unionized members of the army of the Netherlands is for sure a wild social experiment of mega Euro weenie proportions. I do not believe though that gays deserve the scorn of how the Dutch forces behaved back in ’95.

They pretty much straight or gay were just total shameful pussies.



  1. I’m still trying to figure out what the hell Clinton et al thought that they could accomplish there. The area has been torn by ethnic and racial strife for centuries. The only thing new was that the Croats and Serbs were killing Muslims along with butchering one another. Rather than the Muslims slaughtering the Croats and Serbs, as was the custom in the area for centuries.

    Indeed, understanding the rabid hate that abounds, is tough. My Step-Father’s family emigrated immediately post WW2 to America. Seems that they had assisted the Allied forces, and Tito wanted them dead. In any case the few times that I ever saw any of the family encounter any other Yugo’s the first thing out of their mouths was are you Serbian or Croat. Most often, things went downhill from there. Similar to when people from Ireland ask me whether my ancestors came from the north or south of Ireland, as they don’t “mix.” At least I can throw them a curve and tell them that when my people came to America, there was only one Ireland.

    Gay, or straight I don’t believe that the small force from the Netherlands could have stopped what happened. They are not, after all United States Marines, or Rangers.

  2. Alfie says:

    NATO could’ve stopped this. The French and Dutch “forces” could’ve played a major role in that. The Dutch pussies pussiness emboldened the ethnic cleansers and that is something that should never be forgotten or forgiven.

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