It’s in the mail…no really…well soon…


So I have my papers for the 2010 US Census in my hands and am facing some pseudo dilemmas.Some thoughts include:

Should I lie?

Now I have to confess that I am very suspicious of the dedication of the counters and the counted when it comes to the Census.

On one hand it is common knowledge that many of the counters are scumbags that make shit up and send the bill to Uncle Sam. The rains and winds and flooding in my area makes me shudder to think of the criminality afoot.

Hand number two though says that there are a number of people who strive to do the best they can and it’s unfortunate some of their colleagues suck so bad.It also sucks that so many citizens in the name of the Constitution refuse to take part in this so very Constitutional duty.

Juggling in the air is the point that the hyper dutiful Census taker goes out of his/her way to count the right people. Let’s be clear I don’t care what prejudice the taker has…it’s all wrong.

So with some phobia flowing should I bolster the white population or just the English speakers? Perhaps I should go down in the books for the next decade as black.

The truth shall set you free.

Now there’s a novel idea. I can hold out hope that by telling the truth I can excise one of the boils on my state’s ass known as a Congressman. Immigration (legal and illegal) is predicted to prove a boom for states like Texas and Arizona. The land of Cod should be adjusted and rightly punished I say.

It is in this vein that I am most pissed about the Census. Our schools suck,ironically the ads all tell you that improving our schools is a product of Census participation.These schools have failed so miserably to produce the minimally civic-minded citizens we needed to waste money on a warning letter.

We are undoubtedly going to count people who SHOULDN’T  be here. That pisses me off to no end.

It means a lot but not…

Everything some may like you to believe. One, if ANYBODY reports that the government getting the questionnaires out on schedule they can expect either areal or virtual swift kick in the ass from me.

Two,any flaws or successes experienced with the Census should in no way be seen as synonymous with good government in any other arena.It is what is and nothing more.

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