Adam Gadahn arrested,What to do…


First :Waterboard the motherfucker

Second: Gitmo his ass

Third: Civilian trial,prosecuted for treason with eyes on the death penalty.Eric Holder presiding?

Oh it’s too juicy for a Sunday.I’m dying to see this play out.



  1. Rutherford says:

    Just so I’m sure I understand, you want him to get a civilian trial because he is an American citizen? Why not use a military tribunal since he is a prisoner of war? I just want to make sure I understand the consistency of position here.

    Philosophically, if we’re really gonna get hard core here, why does an American who commits treason, not forfeit the protections of the US legal system, since he has essentially joined the enemy and in spirit, if not in fact, denounced his citizenship?

  2. Rutherford says:

    Sorry …. I’m a bit thick today. I re-read your post and now realize you were being sarcastic. Never mind.

  3. I hope he gets the usual Paki treatment. Waterboarding ain’t nothing but a mind trick…

  4. Elric66 says:

    Its not him. Oh well. Rather wait til we get a real president that wants to win this war. al-Thuggy would treat him like royalty. Like a fellow islamist.

  5. Alfie says:

    Oh well I feared this.The individual in custody isn’t Adam G.
    Rutherford my points were all about what I thought would be some of the salivation points no matter your location on the poli-spectrum
    If we do capture the guy it really is something to think about.
    #1 He is likely to have some valuable intel.
    #2 He has been amongst them long enough to possible shake his California pussiness. I don’t think he’s sane enough just to offer up stuff.He also is clearly a big enough scumbag that he’s highly likely to give someone some lip that gets him smacked around.
    #3 Gitmo is supposed to get closed but he is so clearly a combatant. There is that can of worms.
    #4 He is totally guilty of treason and deserving the severest of punishments. Would the Obama Administration follow through? Not to mention a case that almost would HAVE to be civilian.
    All in all not enviable scenarios.For good or bad it looks like the guy in custody is also an American so here’s to precedent setting ?
    Patrick on your point I would enjoy it if AG is ever found the Pakistanis see it as an opp to perversely blame him for Predator attacks and act accordingly.
    Elric it would be interesting to see how the Oval would fly on this. I have to say one thing though. On a domestic issue,education,in RI he backed the mass firing of the teachers at the failure that is Central Falls HS.His comment was fully supportive of some of the harsher NCLB points,flew in the face of the unions and is consistent with SoE Arne Duncans history,so he found a cab pick he hasn’t thrown under the school bus.

  6. If he did in fact renounce his U.S. citizenship, then he can’t be tried for treason as I understand the statute.

    Still, he can be tried for terrorist related crimes. If that is, he survived what the Paki’s did to him.

    Did you change the background theme Alfie? It’s all black now,and I can barely read it.

  7. Elric66 says:


    If he renounced his citizenship than he can go to Gitmo and face a military tribunal.

  8. Alfie says:

    Patrick I did indeed change the theme and it came about due to an accident of sorts. I was just “shopping” and when I went back to the original all my stuff was gone. So I went with the one that had some memory of my stuff. It has white text on a funky dark backing,sorry .
    As for Gadahn (or similar scumbags) if he’s ever nabbed I don’t know if he’s renounced his citizenship. I always thought the USA allowed you to renounce but unless you get citizenship from another sovereign nation you default to US.
    It would be interesting and yours and Elric’s latest actually touch on the point of the post. Thank you!

  9. Elric66 says:


    I dont think it will matter anyway. This politburo will treat him as a shop lifter whether he renounced his citizenship or not. All we can do is hope he is taken out with a drone before al-Thuggy puts a stop to that.

  10. Alfie says:

    Well even a detractor has to give BHO credit on Predator attacks. I don’t know how much say the Oval (either W or O) has on the attacks. I do know the Pakistanis aren’t cool with it. Of course Obama loyalists turn their eyes away when it comes to discussing Obama+Predators etc.
    On a side note what’s your take on the L. Cheney/AQ7 explosion?

  11. Elric66 says:

    The predator thing is the ONLY thing he has done right. As for the AQ 7, more power to her. This kind of treason needs to be exposed.

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