Dhimmi?Dummy?Thinker! Peek a boo I see you…

And you didn’t get on the plane.

Well it’s happen in the UK. Two Muslim women refused to undergo the full body scan at the airport so it was a no go on the flight.

For what it’s worth I’m glad someone had the stones to choose a pair of Muslims for the scan. I’m a big fan of profiling you see.

Ironically the increased illusionary security measures have grounded Alfie and fam. I refuse to be undressed,touched and probed by the state.

Times UK



  1. Sharia, it’s coming to your town soon. But only after The Second Amendment has been gutted by the forces of oppression and authoritarianism.

    islam: submission

  2. Elric66 says:


    Thats the plan of the islamic/leftist alliance.

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