Howard Dean….Still crazy


Some recent pearls from Howie the scream Dean.

the views of older conservatives in the Tea Party movement were “diametrically opposed” to the views of the student generation on key social issues, including abortion and gay rights.

Yeah that’s called democracy,free speech and free will Deano. The “student generation” is also universally a more idealist head in the ass group. The sheltered life of mom,dad and academia dost not a good citizen make. Get out in the world and if your views remain so be it. Till then…whatever.

the Republican Party holds “untenable positions based on emotion and anger,”

First off this is the most hilarious notion. The Democrat party holds NO emotions based views. Haha that is too funny. The party of identity politics,race and class envy and unscientifically based notions of public policy have no untenable positions. Dean is truly looney.

“Republicans are great at opposing, but not leading … because they believe their own nonsense,”

You have got to be fucking kidding me?!?!!!

Democrats are different, because Democrats “respect the process” and “think other people have good ideas.”

Holy shit this guy is crazy!!! Democrats are not different. Bad ones suck good ones are ok. it’s not the party all the time. With that said though,and looking at the host of Dem dummies,I don’t see how anyone can say this shit. The current D majority (and the Pres) totally doesn’t think anybody has any good ideas other than them. As for respect the process. the Speaker is telling the Dems to go against the will of the people. What fucking process is it they respect?



  1. Relentless says:

    Eight of the eleven policies incorporated in the President’s health care reform proposal were republican. Several times during the summit, he acknowledged republican ideas voiced during the summit were good ideas.

  2. Alfie says:

    I don’t get your math.Also it isn’t just about him. Sure there is a bigger picture and individual cases do exist. Bottom line Dean is insane and full of shit. On a side note how many blogs do you start?

  3. LOL says:

    Democrats respect the process right up to the point that someone wants to actually discuss the process.

  4. Gads but this is insane….

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