Colombia shows the way…

I intentionally use the source I do to illustrate the reality at hand. The supreme court of Colombia has rejected the referendum put forth to allow Uribe to seek a third term. Will Chavez or Morales do the same? Zelaya wasn’t even cool with a restriction at two.

Uribe has accepted the decision and elections are coming in May. No coups,riots or anything?


Say it with me people.




  1. Alfie says:

    I have decided to kick off the comments instead of including this stuff in the post.
    1. I am aware that Uribe benefitted from a congressional action allowing a second term.
    2. I am well aware of the controversies of Uribe and militias,violence etc.
    3. I am a gringo who appreciates and approves of the current course that is US/Colombia relations.

  2. Democracy?

    Mob Rule?

    Alfie I love ya” But damn!

    Republic, as in Constitutional Republic is the way to go Friend.

    Half measures just don’t work , ever.

  3. Alfie says:

    Patrick I appreciate you taking the time to comment but I’m a bit fuzzy on some of your latest. On this one…where’s the love? I’m just saying that Colombia obeyed its constitution to the letter and that’s a good thing.

  4. LOL says:


    A South American country upheld its sovereign constitution?

    I expect Hillary will be revoking their US visas any time, now.

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