Free Willy,Kill Tilikum

Lenten Feast:Tilikum???

I’m not catholic so I guess it doesn’t matter but it is indeed an outrage that this three time killer killer whale is getting off scott- free.

Seriously folks are we with the thumbs such a bunch of pussies that we won’t whack a whale that kills people?

The answer of course is YES! We have indeed become complete pussies and try to explain it away as being evolved.

If we were so fucking evolved we wouldn’t hold animals captive and exploit the fuck out of them! Now I know what your saying. “See you get why we can’t kill him.” No I don’t. It’s apples and oranges really.

1. Let’s stop holding animals prisoner for our enjoyment. You want to zoo up or aquarium animals for species salvation I’m with you. You want to take beautiful wild creatures and make them act like assholes ? You’ve lost me.

2. This thing likes humans. We can’t let him go. I also have to interject how sick it is that Sea World will be trying to profit off of the killer. Maybe they won’t be so bold as to post signage that Tilikum has killed three humans but to deny people won’t be coming to see this sick bastard is just naivety on steroids.

Bottom Line:

Kill Tilikum Free Willy



  1. angel says:

    I agree dude.
    I´ve said it before, kill all the captive whales and send the food to Africa .
    Set them free?? It´s too expensive, and it has already been shown to be unsuccessful most of the times , remember keiko, (willy).

  2. Kill the whale, and don’t bother looking back.

  3. PaulM says:

    Kill that overgrown fish! Fucking killer blubber with fins! It apparently enjoys killing humans.
    My suggestion is to train this intelligent asshole that it really fucked up when it killed a human.
    Project pictures of the people that it killed in the pool floor so that it will know why it’s being
    punished, and slowly elecrocute the bastard.

    If the jerks at Sea World do not put down this menace, I suggest that someone should.
    It is legally only a piece of property — deadly one at that. Society should be rid of such

    Better yet, release it in the wild — for use in one of the sanctioned Eskimo whale hunts.
    To make sure that it doesn’t get away, harpoon his fins with flotation buoys.

  4. Death2Tilikum says:

    Let’s make it simple:

    Just paralize the big killer whale and let’s have some sashimi party 😉

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