“cuz I like to be fair…

I am not a fan let alone a BIG fan of talk radio and tele-pundits. I will though say that Glenn Beck is correct when he states the Republican Party needs to admit it has a problem.

The GOP surely needs to have a platform better than “we suck less than them”! At CPAC Beck made the statement that progressivism tries to over reach the Constitution. In my opinion this is a very true interpretation of progressives policies and agendas.

If the GOP wants to put it all in there are two things it is going to have to do.

1. Get a grip when it comes to spending.

2. Embrace the Constitution

Those two things will secure all the republicans and most,and I mean like 99.999888% of the indies.



  1. Elric66 says:


    You would be surprised how much you would agree with talk radio if you listened. Not that I agree with everything they say but for the most part I agree with them.

  2. Talk radio people are going to say what they believe. As in they believe that it will make ratings, and that makes money. Are some true believers? Of course! Every so often though one sticks his foot in his mouth. Bill O’Reilly’s latest gaff having to do with disarming people when they most need effective means of defense just being one example.

    I was also saddened by the collapse of “Air America.” They put the agenda right upfront for Americans to see. They were, our most solid readily available intel resource when it came to just what the “enemy” is all about. Too bad pure hate doesn’t sell in America…

  3. Elric66 says:

    Not a fan of O’Reilly. He is all over the place, not very credible.

  4. Elric please! I thought better of you…

    Using O’Reilly and credible in the same paragraph?

    Gads, now you have me doing it in the same sentence!

    =)) ROTFLMAO if the emoticon doesn’t work!

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