Reality and Culture,the two don’t jive…

But in our culture, the U.S. military is always evil, housewives are always desperate, corporations are always corrupt, and poverty is always the fault of wealthy people’s greed. Can you spot the difference between those assumptions and reality?
If you can’t, you’re probably a liberal. And a knucklehead.

I wholeheartedly invite the reader to follow the link and read this excellent article. It is sadly too true and is something we must do something about.

City Journal



  1. locojhon says:

    Whenever I see the words ‘always’ or ‘never’ in a supposedly ‘factual’ declaration my bullshit detectors start flashing red. (Almost always–I’m not perfect.)
    It is almost ‘always’ propaganda of one kind or another, and not factual.
    The referenced article is excellent in contriving straw men to then take them down.
    The article also somehow neglects to mention where many of our medical advances actually came from–yes, the indigenous. Or that indeed our military intentionally murdered millions of indigenous here in the states.
    I could go on–but is it really necessary?
    How about a bit more of a scholarly effort next time, eh?

  2. Alfie says:

    [edit 12:19 est] I guess I can give you props to staying true and passionate to your ideals. I think you overplay them here. The article played points of view against one another. I imagine it is in the eye of the beholder. I have to say some of your facts are way off but then again do I need to go on?

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