In2 Final Frays? Prejudice,Power and Racism…

As for the title I’ll offer an opening that after three years I just don’t know. I do know if I close up shop at least I want to get most of the demons out of my system.

I’ve yet again seen the tag line mantra Racism=Prejudice+Power. This line in any number of variations boils down to one thing.


This of course is absolutely absurd and is nothing more than a tool from the nightmarish toolbox that is multiculturalism/PC deconstruction.

Plain and simple racism is hatred aimed at or aligned with race. Yeah I know Webster isn’t about to salute that definition but too fucking bad. He’s dead,people have completely fucked up his book and not for nothing my def is true.

Black rapist pounding his cock into a white girl and grunting “You fucking white bitch you love it”! Yeah no racism there because the guy got’s no power.He is socio-economically disadvantaged so his decision to target white females when he is in rape mode has nothing to do with racism.

When black or latino kids choose a white person to rob there is no racism there. They’re just profiling,and since whitey is the only cat with some scratch it really shows some initiative.

These two examples are chosen for obvious reasons.One to utilize the visceral and sometimes confusing point that is crimes against women,especially rape.The second because the use of the word profiling.

On the flip side am I to believe Johnny Redneck is a racist partially because he has a double wide trailer and can afford the 30pk millers as opposed to a regular case? Oh but wait a minute. Regardless of Johnnies lot in life other whites have jobs,political office or better zip codes.

Racism is hatred. it is a disease any one of us can be afflicted with and way too many of us have. The cure is truth.If we’re ever to end the scourge that is this disgusting human trait we better get some.I think we best start with an honest definition.



  1. Elric66 says:

    This thread should attract the race baiting drones.

  2. Alfie says:

    FWIW I don’t know if my closing paragraph states it clear enough.Racism is real. If that curses me so be it.

  3. Alfie, pretty soon you will be on a list like Texas Fred is, and me too! That’s right, I’m on a list that the SPLC has conjured up. At least I was. Seems that they liken me to Nazi’s! Bet it blew their minds when they were informed by my daughter that her mother was Jewish, and that I can have Israeli citizenship for the asking…

    Racism, and the related xenophobia, have always been around, and always will be. The thing to do,is not put on blinders, and say that only whites, or blacks, or whatever can be racist. To be sure though, it is also no sin to have pride in ones own heritage.

    Can you imagine the outrage, justly deserved, if I were to record a song titled “Say it loud, I’m white and I’m proud!”

  4. Elric66 says:

    UK: Muslim police commander used race card to dodge jail for years

    How multiculturalism encourages corruption, corrupting the protected class and encouraging cowardice in the enablers of the protected class. “A criminal in uniform: Teflon Commander Ali Dizaei used race card to dodge jail for years. Now he’s got four-year term for framing an innocent man,” by Stephen Wright and Richard Pendlebury in the Daily Mail, February 9 (thanks to all who sent this in):

    Race card in action

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