SCOTUS,Free Speech and the American Idiot…

I have seen many a blog post,op-ed piece ad report on the recent SCOTUS decision that smashes the campaign finance and advertising delusion we’ve been living under.

Many,mostly lefties, see this as corporate America taking over the politics of the country. Given the corporate angle said same lefties declare this as a great win for the dirty scoundrels aka Republicans.

Where to begin?

The leftards seem to forget how many activist entities, “charities”, and of course the Unions benefit from this ruling. They also seem to be under the fallacy spell still.

Allowing entities to use their considerable funds to buy ad time is not the end of democracy you fucking idiots! It is and example of democracy. Now I know the Left likes the American Public Education System, aka APES around here, and I think this explains their idiocy.How can you worry about this? Do you have so little faith in being able to make up your own mind? Do you really think the politicians for the most part listen to the little voices?

The reality

This is actually a good moment in the time of the common man. Much like a mutual fund finds its success or failure now corporations will need to weigh their interests. Don’t like the politician that supported something? Follow the money and crush them too. Like a position held by an entity? Join the growing voice and get the message out. The left hates this idea because more than anything the center right of this nation will be able to promote a centrist agenda with forays to the right on more than an occassional basis.



  1. Umm… Alfie? You are not only fired up, but you are starting to sound like a Libertarian!

  2. Curator says:

    I guess my $50 donation to a political entity will send my message farther than Exxon Mobiles $100,000,000 donation.

    Yeah… I can see how that would work.

  3. Alfie says:

    The upheld action has nothing to do with donations to candidates directly so your point is falsely placed.

  4. Curator says:

    Let me rephrase. My $50 donation to a candidate I support will go a long way against the $100,000,000 ad campaign Exxon Mobile puts towards defeating that candidate.

    So yeah… I can see how that would work.

  5. Elric66 says:

    Tell that to George Soros and Andy Stern jackass.

  6. Curator says:

    “Tell that to George Soros and Andy Stern”

    Who are I believe individuals. Tell me is Exxon Mobile an individual who eats and sleeps? If not then why are we affording them the same rights enumerated in the Constitution?

    Didn’t President Eisenhower say “In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence…,”

    Big Oil, Big Gas, Big Pharma, and Big banks all together throwing their TRILLIONS at the party of NO regulations & free market ideology.

    What could go wrong?

  7. Alfie says:

    Your rephrased position is much better Curator.I’d invite you to patronize corporations that share your views.
    I personally stand by my position that corporations that choose to enter the policy push and endorsement fray should expect the good and bad of that action. For example am I really supposed to believe GE is without motives?!?

    I can’t help though to pick up on the Soros angle. MoveOn is hardly an individual and the same can be said of the unions etc.

    Curator you want an ally against direct contributions,graft etc. I’m there. Corporations have become organisms as much as organizations. They deserve rights too.

  8. Curator says:

    Corporations have been allowed to create PAC’s and have been able to do so for years, so they have not been denied any rights. If I as an individual am limited in my contribution to $2,400 per election to a Federal candidate, will a corporation be limited by the same amount?

  9. Elric66 says:

    “Who are I believe individuals.”

    SEIU and Soros owned corps arent individuals

  10. Elric66 says:


    Bet he doesnt mind GE owned NBC pushing “green” ideology through the news outlets.

  11. Curator says:

    Let’s remember that corporations AND labor unions were both prohibited from making direct contributions to Federal candidates.

    The bulk of labor’s contributions come in the form of political action committee contributions.

    Does a labor union now qualify as an individual as well?

  12. Curator says:

    “owned corps”

    Moveon is a PAC. George Soros doesn’t own it. He is an individual who contributes to this PAC.

    Damn your dumb.

  13. Wow, this thread really took off. So, Curator? Say myself and others form an organization and we want to get the word out when it will have the greatest impact? What, if by chance we are required by state law to incorporate in order to receive certain tax breaks that would make our cause fiscally feasible and possible.

    Now, I used a bit of metaphor above, but the organization was named by the original sponsor of the over turned law to throttle said organization. That was the NRA. read about that here:

    As far a Soros? He pretty much owns the Joyce Foundation, and they were never restricted from their “educational” projects just before election time.

    As for “Corporate Personhood?” That’s a red herring, and it’s all to obvious because there is nothing in the court ruling that said that 527’s and PAC’s are now illegal. So yes, we will still get pounded with all those political advertisements. What I would like to see is a requirement that any, and all contributors to any of them be publicly posted in a timely manner. if a PAC is taking money from a front, like the Joyce Foundation, then all of their supporters would need to also be listed.

  14. Elric66 says:

    Check this out Alfie.

    I honestly think their is something psychologically wrong with him. Seriously.

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