More Advertisments=Free Speech???

The answer is yes!

People ,people, people,you may not like the message but the reality is true. Corporations,Trusts,charities,activist groups and unions are as entitled to free speech in America as the guy on the corner with a “Fuck Bush” sign. The SCOTUS has upheld the notion that democracy isn’t diminished due to the size of your wallet.

The argument that the message and power thereof  is proportional to the wallet is both true and false at it’s heart.

First if you think what many are now seeing as a great problem hasn’t been around all along I just don’t know how to help you. You’re fucked ‘cuz you’re living on a different planet.

Second the power is there to be sure but what of the individual? If America was/is about anything it is supposed to be that the individual matters and is essentially good.Even the One believes that. Perhaps this is where the Left finds its great phobia on the recent Court ruling. The Left, enamored with socialism and collective thought and people control cannot imagine the common man overcoming the coming deluge of political ads.Sadly they have demonstrated time and again that they lose this fear when it is a cause or pol they love.

The common man can easily insulate themselves from what is coming. They can also play an active role in it.And it must be said that they may not have anything to worry about at all.


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  1. Does Alfie believe in reincarnation? He is beginning to sound a lot like John Locke!

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