Obama You Suck #1…


So I was looking over a number of stories of the political tilt,specifically health care and was taken aback by the lunacy of the Left and the Obots.

It is heralded that Big Pharma will be putting up 90 Billion dollars towards the est. (lie) 150 billion 10 year price tag for the health care reform.

Q Where does pharma get the $$$$??? A You and me.

There is talk of how Medicare payments will see increased taxation.

Q Who does that affect and is it a good thing? A We the People and NO!!!

The unions, and in the final analysis only the public employees (government hacks) ,will not have their “cadillac” health plans taxed. Everyone else still does and everyone else will pay all the taxes for at least two full years before any benefits kick in.

Q How fucking stupid is the American worker? A I guess we’ll see Tuesday 1/19/10 in Massachusetts.


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  1. Elric66 says:

    If you think it will only cost 150 billion I have some swamp land to sell. Whatever the government estimate, you can at least triple it.

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