Haiti Prayer Ideas…


I mentioned I was gonna help ya out with this here.

Here we go

Haiti Prayer Ideas

Pray for the finding and safety of any survivors.

Pray that the people will get a grip in these dire times and step up and help their own cause. Pray they step out of the character set that is the bane of humankind and they work to help relief effort as opposed to hinder them via violence and selfish acts.

Pray the rescue workers stay true to their calling. Pray they don’t dehumanize the victims or even worse use and abuse them whilst still cloaking their egos in “do good feel good” falsehoods.

Pray the relief efforts don’t go the usual route. Like the unused tractors of LiveAid or the political agendas of the Tsunami relief efforts.

Pray the world doesn’t soon move to the next thing.

Pray we don’t have to return to fix that which we screw up.