Another Brown Smear,No not on your underwear…


But everywhere else. Seems the Left is trying to make hay out of this video that comes from an ’08 interview. Smug black lady doesn’t get any static for her comments but Brown is to be crucified for not knowing if Obama was born in or out of wedlock.Watch the video and tell me I’m wrong. Brown states in 2008,not today 2010 that he isn’t up to date on all of Obamas personal data.

The Left wants you to take this as meaning Scott Brown is a birther. How absurd. If anything this video shows how desperate Dems drip hypocrisy when it fits their purpose. “Palin is a skag”,”Bristol is a whore”.!?!?

Obama mamma went to the third world and got her jungle fever on. When that sham marriage crumbled because Obama Daddy proved to be a total shitbag she then found love on the other side of the globe.Of course that love couldn’t have been too good since little Barry was bounced to civilization and grandparents & other family to start his better life.

Really if Dems want to cast stones about partisan parents they should break out the fucking Windex and take note how much glass is in their own house first.

So maybe that brown smear is in your panties. The Left has and continues to shit itself and I’m LOL baby.



  1. Elric66 says:

    You notice al-Thuggy doesnt like to wear ties? We know why, dont we?

  2. Angel says:

    o yea Dems throwin stones…funny isn’t it?….hadn’t seen this one yet!:)

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