Who blew up the Iranian professor…


I don’t really know why it caught my eye but the story of Tehran University professor Masoud Ali Mohammadi recent death by bomb did just that.

Perhaps the thing that gets me is how overtly idiotic the media is. Whether you look at the story from the West or from Iran you see some seriously crazy shit.

The West for the most part reports on possible pro Mousavi leanings of the nuclear physicist. Iran counters with him not being politically active. Deeper look shows he perhaps passively supported the opposition up to the election but that clearly he hasn’t been a vocal anti-government kind of guy since.

I think the headlines thrive on the word nuclear when it comes to this story. Sadly there doesn’t seem to be any reason to believe this guy was involved in the Iranian nuclear program.I tend to buy that since he was so clearly located at the university.Lecturer does not equal bomb or reactor maker.

There is a report that a pro monarchy (read Shah) group based in the USA has claimed responsibility. The group allegedly called Mohammadi a turncoat. I don’t see this but I think we’re getting closer.

As for the USA/Israel covert angle. I’m not buying it. Although I have as many negative opinions of the American intelligence sector as the next guy I don’t see that at play here. I think the US and Israel are loathe to provide a propaganda windfall to the Iranians. If the US and/or Israel were to strike they would strike at a totally better target. Here too we start to get closer.

The Iranian government could’ve blown this guy up. It fits various models that flow from the various “news” stories and makes as much sense as anything. Martyr a guy whose job title has nuclear in it and you have something to play with.

Bottom line I lean towards an inside Iran job. Either the Iranian government itself or something aligned to the in country opposition elements. This guy was a soft target whose value amounts to nothing but having the word nuclear in his title. This guy was truly wasted in every sense of the word. For all of us that may feel the repercussions of it,that is truly tragic.



  1. Elric66 says:

    It was the jooos, it always is.


  2. I agree, an inside job. However, I also see a great possibility of this being a false flag type of operation. Take out someone, anyone that can be morphed into someone significant. Like “nuclear” anything.

    Then, at a later date, come up with information that tie in either American or Israeli involvement, the sources of which must,for security reasons not be revealed.

    Prepping the political and social environment for future exploitation: Chapter Four of “Political Assassination for fun and profit.”

  3. And it didn’t take long…

  4. Elric66 says:

    Senior Iranian Official Threatens to “End Israel in its Entirety With a Big Holocaust”…

    (MEMRI)- The economic siege and everything they have done against us… “The plotting of evil will hem in only its authors.” The outcome was the opposite. Before the war, we had no military equipment. We have manufactured missiles that allow us, when necessary, to replace (sic) Israel in its entirety with a big holocaust.


    You really think Israel will sit back and let this happen? Really????

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