A previous prediction update and countdown kind of thing…


Back in March of 2008 I predicted Hugo Chavez would initiate a military action within the region within 24 months. Well the clock is winding down on that and as if not to let me down Hugo has been cruising the psychotic break highway.

He has “seen” spy craft watching him,has blown up bridges and roads connecting the big V with Colombia and has sent troops to the V/C border. He has ratcheted up his inane rhetoric regards a US led invasion and or coup and has had a complete public tantrum over Colombia’s choice of allowing the US to establish military bases in that country. He is even starting up with the Dutch over counter narcotics ops by the US from Aruba and Curacao. This last one has caused the Dutch to call back on the Venezuelan ambassador for a diplomatic dress down.

I certainly do not want to come off as inviting the death of innocent Venezuelans or Colombians or anyone else. I just want others to see what is happening.

So instead of worrying where Tiger sticks his dick or what dumbass Kathy Griffin utters evah I ask my fellow Americans to dial in to the rest of the world.