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What is up with that??? Bush got a shoe tossed at him,Silvio Berlusconi got a statue thrown at him. It scored a good hit too. Now the Italian PM physically looks like someone in a fight and symbolically that plays out. Lots of chatter over there that the embattled and now bruised leader is on the ropes. Relative article: Economist


Sebastien Pinera is in the lead and the current fave for victory in a January run off election. What importance is this to a gringo? Just saying that Latin American politics are something me and mine should pay attention to and that things down there are not as left wing banana republic crazy as some stereotype. The politics are in fact dynamic.


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  1. steph says:

    I think Silvio is definitely on the way out, he could survive the corruption and fraud charges, and Italians might forgive him for sleeping with prostitutes but they’re not going to forgive him for giving them jobs in his cabinet and pimping them out, or for sleeping with a minor (Noemi Letizia). Not so long ago he denied having links to the mafia, which he obviously does, now it’s the other way round, the mafia is denying having any links to him. It probably doesn’t help too much that Veronica Lario is seeking €43 million alimony per year.

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