Phosphorus Bombs…for that healthy glow ?

So I don’t know how many people are even remotely following the current conflict in Yemen. There is an incredibly interesting side show here and it’s very hard for me to know who to root for.

The Yemeni government is at odds with the Haithis minority. They view them as militants acting in violation of the government. They are also Shia’s and at least are symbolically supported by Iran.

The Yemen government on the other hand has received support from Saudi Arabia and it has happened secondary to the Wahabbi movement. Of note the Saudi armed forces has taken an active role in the affair.

Now the potential dilemma for a Yank.

In the Iran/ Saudi Arabia pissing match, who to side with?

Anyway some Iranian propaganda that highlights (pardon the pun) the title and the underlying issue. PressTV



  1. Umm..? Just sit back with a cool Guinness and some popcorn and watch maybe?

    judging by the comments at the linked story, a lot of people appear to think that Wahhabi and Americans are one and the same. In other words we are in a lose lose situation. Might as well allow them to butcher each other and just stay the hell out of the way.

  2. Alfie says:

    I’ll take an Amstel Patrick. This is possibly get more interesting by the minute though.
    The UK’s Telegraph reports that the US has sent special forces elements to yemen to train the Yemenis. Oman has reportedly stepped up naval patrols. The media is reporting the potential of Yemen being on the slope of failed state status and revisiting the links the nation has to AQ,OBL etc.

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