Hugo says “wah wah wah”.

Someone get the dictator a hankie. Perhaps a Yankee hankie? No bump that but seriously the guy is a nutter.

Ya see Venezuela is sssoooo upset that they’re the proverbial bunch of pussies that just don’t matter. The entire foreign policy of herr Hugo and the Hugonauts seems to be pissing off the USA. Now from a logic standpoint I actually kind of get that. It plays well in many corners and compensates for the obvious lack of penis Hugo suffers.

On the other hand it so freaking disingenuous. We’re a major trade partner of the Caracas crowd and let’s face it. WE JUST DON’T CARE. This of course brings us back to the beginning and post title.

Hugo is the kid you knew in at the playground that wanted all the attention but that none of other kids really cared. Sure you played with him when he brought his new ball or something but once he started making his demands you left. That is Hugo Chavez and Venezuela.

Leftists love to point out Chavez greatness. This is too funny. Even with all his Bolivarian blah blah blah he is still the Latin American equivalent to Rodney Dangerfield. “I get no respect…I’m telling ya…”

So the inspiration for this post was the following Chavez cherry on top of the Hugo bullshit sundae.

In the letter, Venezuela’s foreign minister said Colombia’s internal conflict constitutes “a serious threat to international peace and security” and should be on the council’s agenda. 

Armed conflict in Colombia is not new.  Military forces there have been battling anti-government insurgents, particularly the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, for four decades. 

Venezuela is also upset about the agreement signed last month between Bogota and Washington that gives U.S. troops access to seven Colombian bases for anti-drug operations. 

Venezuela’s U.N. ambassador, Jorge Valero, told reporters that the deal threatens the peace and security of his country and others in the region.  

”The seven military bases installed in Colombia are meant to project the global power of the U.S. and to deter with its military threat of intervention countries that maintain a critical position in relation to its imperialist policies,” said Jorge Valero.

Valero went on to say that the accord violates Colombia’s sovereignty and should be suspended.

”The agreement ascribed to between Colombia and the United States turns Colombia into a foreign territory, a country subjected to the presence of a foreign government,” he said. “Thus, Colombia loses its sovereignty.”

So I’m supposed to believe Venezuela cares about Colombian sovereignty?



  1. elric66 says:

    Poor Hugo…..poor Yuca Hahahaha!!!!!

  2. Poor Rodney! Now he is being compared to Hugo!

  3. Elric66 says:

    Shameful. Team Obama Says Historic Honduras Elections “Insufficient Step” to End Political Crisis
    Tuesday, December 1, 2009, 5:01 AM
    Jim Hoft

    Absolutely shameful. Even though there was record turnout on Sunday in the Honduran elections… Even though Hondurans defied the leftist thug Manuel Zelaya and turned out in droves… Even though the Honduran election met international standards…
    The Obama Administration said on Monday that it was an “insufficient step” to end the political crisis in the democratic country.

    I really despise this thug.

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