Flying high with Hugo.Well someone’s high

Saw a news blurb about Venezuela crowing about the pending (2010) delivery of K-8 Karakorum planes from China. VE  General Jorge Arevalo says:

…the Chinese planes and radars were intended to boost Venezuela’s defensive capabilities, adding: “we don’t attack anybody.

Not for nothing but this plane isn’t gonna help if the US decided to let the Raptors fly. I’m sorry but the folks down there seem wicked paranoid if you ask me.



  1. Alfie says:

    Of note the VAF has 24 Sukhoi Su-30’s. These are more impressive for sure. It has to also be noted that the VAF outmatches the Colombian air force handily. If you look at the inventory of the region it’s pretty clear that Venezuela has more offensive potential and complexion than it’s neighbors.

  2. wickle says:

    Yeah, getting too excited over the K-8’s is almost much ado about nothing … but the SU-30’s are serious business. Considering that Colombia is still flying some 40-year-old Mirages and a dozen or so Kfirs, you can bet that they’re watching.

    Sure, Raptors will bring down anything Central America is flying. Not only technical superiority, but there is something to be said for American training.

    Really, there is no doubt … Venezuela is the new Cuba.

  3. Elric66 says:

    “Really, there is no doubt … Venezuela is the new Cuba.”

    And a good friend of al-Thuggy

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