The Monday MountUp 11.23.09

Mount Up...the remnants of the Light Brigade

What can I say ? The news is so blah blah blah.

I of course will be donning the chefs hat and scullery apron later this week to do battle with family and turkey alike.
I suppose I could entertain a cheesy “what I’m thankful for..” theme but since I blog politics as a rule, what the hell do I have to be thankful for ?
There have been some changes made here at In2thefray.

**Ratings for posts,comments and pages.

**DePo Masthead theme brought back.

**Moderation queue purged and comments tidied.

**In2theOpen thread page added.

I’ve got some thoughts on new series,series expansion,and will be exploring the potential for guest posters again.I’m open to some suggestions too.