Muqtada Al Sadr mmmm

The weather is turning outside and I am grossly unmotivated to do much so here I sit in front of the computer. In doing so I got “Random Post” button crazy and found a post from April 9th 2008.

In it I wondered who would be whacking Muqtada Al Sadr,the asshole Iraqi Shiite cleric. Well with my curiosity piqued I went a Googling.

It seems the douchebag is still alive and well and his toxin is dripping all over the place.

His supporters were out in support of the recent news that is blocking new elections.

He is seen as being a potential piece of the triad that is supporting Shiite militancy in the Middle East.

His followers are looking to kill people who dare sing in areas he controls.

My year plus old question stands. WHO IS GONNA KILL THIS GUY?????

I’ll add when and please hurry too.

Source material in order of appearence:








  1. He certainly has been allowed to do enough damage in the world. Whacking him is way long overdue.

  2. Jared says:

    Whack him without a civil trial in the States?

  3. I certainly wouldn’t have a problem with that. He’s an enemy militant, not a common criminal.

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