The RNC and the media have something in common:They’ve aborted common sense

So I saw a piece over at Politico hailing that the RNC health plan covers abortion. The article caught my attention as I thought it was weird a Republican health care alternative to ObamaCare would cover abortion. In fact the story is about the CIGNA administered plan for the actual members of the RNC.

Now Republicans are lining up saying the RNC needs to abort the plan or at least opt out of the clause. How absolutely fucking crazy is that. I guess the ideologues can’t practice self restraint so they have to bully a health plan. I hope they’re not so freaking dumb as to think they’ll get better rates.

This story is a great example of a non story getting some life. It should’ve been aborted.



  1. wickle says:

    Ummmm …

    Yeah. That’s pretty stupid.

    My health insurance covers lots of things that I don’t use. Since we use CIGNA, we might even have abortion coverage in there somewhere. Not something I’ve bothered to look up.

    I can’t imagine why anyone is giving this any thought. Sloppy reporting from the Politico, and a completely-useless gesture from the, as you put it, ideologues.

  2. I’m sure our family plan covers abortion, at least in limited circumstances. It also covers tattoo removal in limited circumstances. Since neither situation would involve us, I haven’t bothered to look up just what those might be either.

    More mountains out of molehills for the simple sense of sensationalism perhaps?

  3. Alfie says:

    Yeah I actually have CIGNA and I’ve never really looked into what it covers beyond those things I’d actually use.
    I actually saw two reports and heard one low grade talk radio hump make it sound like the plan in question was for the public not RNC employees. The nastiness is everywhere on this one and I still fail to see how any angle of this is newsworthy.
    Thanks guys for adding to the conversation

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