Shipping in minorities: A waste of green…

There’s a better way for HUD to use its Community Development Block Grant program—itself a huge redistribution of tax dollars nationwide from rich to poor. Rather than scattering a few units of expensive housing for a small number of lower-income families in a wealthy county, HUD should help provide the “public goods,” as economists call them, that all strong neighborhoods need: parks, playgrounds, well-maintained streets, and schools. In that way, government can modestly complement residents’ efforts to ensure that poor neighborhoods are nonetheless good neighborhoods—places that can serve, as they have historically, as launching pads for upward mobility. And the Obama administration should avoid giving the impression that living in lower-income zip codes consigns one to a life of poverty and that it is the success of some that explains the problems of others.

That’s the close of a great piece you can find over at CityJournal. NY State is showing where many other locales will be going and it’s not good. This is a symptom of a disease and the cure is common sense and respect for our fellow citizens.



  1. Opportunity Costs are the beginning of any rational economics discussion. The core issue here is,as I see it. Political gain verses social structure. Guess where the obama plan falls?

  2. Alfie says:

    I tell ya the false transplantation of economically poorer folks to areas of some affluence is a disservice to the community as well as the people.

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