AARP corrupt scumbags get an Obama pail


I wonder if AARP would be so eager to endorse the ObamaCare scam if it would replace Medicare and infringe on AARP’s lucrative Medicare supplemental insurance plans. It won’t so of course they won’t.

Here’s your pail you fucking scumbags….




  1. Elric66 says:

    They arent going to have much of a membership after this.

  2. I love AARP! They are the epitome of ignorance! They send all sorts of offers to me, and, I return the postage paid envelopes to them. With a simple message inside. Go away commies! AARP allows me to use the free market against them. I have to wonder if suicide is covered on those policies that they are always trying to sell me..?

  3. Alfie says:

    Call me slow on the uptake but since I’ve finally noticed all the AARP supplemental insurance ads (apparently its open enrollment in Medicare circles) I’m like triply outraged. AARP endorses a healthcare plan that takes a half a billion dollars alone away from Medicare. Boink light goes on…. they endorse and get a cut from insurance that “supplements”.

  4. They are showing at least hourly on History, Discovery etc… Talk about mercenary…

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