in2the Afghan thing


So the Pakistanis have supposedly found items linking Inians to the terrorist elements in South Waziristan

The Indians have announced they see Pakistani hands involved in a large counterfeit operation

The Pakistanis are on an offensive against the Taliban

The Pakistani public pretty much vomited secondary to Hillary Clintons visit

Karzai is again the president of the Republic of Afghanistan

US service personnel are dying in Afghanistan whilst their ground/theater commanders still desire 40k+ reinforcements

Obama says……

So just in case you don’t know where I’m going with this and hey can’t blame ya here we go.

Pakistan has been knocked regards their efforts on the terrorist front. ,yet it’s pretty clear they are indeed doing something. No wonder too since in their infinite wisdom the Taliban have attacked Pakistani populations and caused death and destruction amongst the locals.

This latest ratcheting up of offensive on part of the Pakistanis has the added spice of the never ending Kashmir conundrum. So I’m thinking the Pakistanis are really trying to find a way to allow the military to start lighting up a lot of stuff. Do you think that is a good thing ?

Meanwhile Afghanistan is having their ongoing issues and what can we expect ?

Well expect Obama to try to find a way OUT. The Afghani opposition and by that I mean Abdullah may or may not try to get UN type elements to reignite power sharing government. Kind of tricky since Ban Moon has given Karzy the nod today.

Bottom line more death and displeasure to come from Afghanistan.



  1. wickle says:

    “Bottom line more death and displeasure to come from Afghanistan.”

    Ain’t that the truth … I think that that line sums up Afghanistan’s future better than anything else I’ve seen.

  2. Elric66 says:

    Well Wimpkle, islam is involved and your thuggish fascist President wont do a thing to stop it. Too busy golfing you know.

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