Not for nothing but isn’t NOW the time to take a last stand in Afghanistan


I was just thinking that was a good question to pose to Barry O.

You see my reasoning is that the Pakistanis are finally ramping up operations against the Taliban. Elections are not an issue in Afghanistan regardless what people want you to think. The winter is huge though.

Isn’t right now a great time to ramp it up and git er done ?

The Pakistanis have even asked NATO to seal the border. That’s no small order but it seems to reek of an opportunity to put the Taliban in a two front war with a dash of classic pincer maneuver action. I’m of the school that it is now or never. We either do this now and do it right or we get all our folks out of there pronto and let the people suffer. We won’t hear them screams, we rarely ever do elsewhere. This comes with a major caveat though. If Afghanistan ever harbors,trains etc. someone,even a single person, that carries out an act of terrorism on America and kills an American,even one, WE NUKE AFGHANISTAN.

The choice is ours. President Obama….what ya gonna do ?



  1. The Red Pill says:

    “The choice is ours. President Obama….what ya gonna do ?”

    Can’t a man just enjoy his waffling?

  2. Obama will just talk trash IMO. This is a military classic for a hammer and anvil situation. Therefore, he will waste it…

    Just my opinion.

  3. Alfie says:

    Waste it ? Waffles? Sadly too true in all likelihood

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