Hugo and yet more Hubris


So as mentioned in my other post ALBA has come up with a doozie at their last meeting of the mini minds.

The ALBA leaders also called for an “International Tribunal of Climate Justice” that would presumably seek to oblige rich countries to pay “damages” for their disproportionate consumption of fossil fuels.

How funny is that ?

Venezuela which fuels its revolution,or as some aptly call it the robolution, with oil sales. Is Hugo willing to stop drilling the Devils Excrement for the sake of the planet ? I don’t think so.

Morales of Bolivia signed off on this. Although he is actually fighting to fix some real ills it has to be said he’s far from perfect. The sugar and gas industries alone are raping the land and the people. Is that really the fault of the end consumers ?

Dominica could some day be underwater but then again they can make sea barriers out of money bags. I say that since bananas are not the major revenue stream for this island nation. Deposits from those big bad rich nations folks are.

Folks I’m more than willing to accept a level of responsibility for pollution etc secondary to my cars and furnace and civilized lifestyle. On the other hand don’t piss on me and tell me its raining. The suppliers are just as guilty if not more. Feeders of an addiction are worse than the user when it comes to drugs and I’d say that is equally applicable in this scenario. I’d further state that the new kids on the block of petro production are way down on the ethical end when it comes to production methods and standards. I close with bite me ALBA and die Hugo.


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