Honduras,Hugo and Hubris


So I saw a report about Hugo and the Hugonauts aka ALBA have voted to denounce the upcoming elections in Honduras. ALBA a collection of nine piss ant nations have taken a number of positions that I find laughable at their last meeting. The Honduran one is for now the biggest.

No matter ones opinion on the coup/not a coup the Honduran constitution allowed for 90% of what happened to Zelaya. Deal with that please !

Now the world community and the region for sure are setting the stage that the elections are to be voided,rebelled against,ignored. What the hell ?

Is it not best to allow the elections. To monitor to the max via international means. Isn’t that scenario the best to make an international statement? More importantly isn’t that the thing that will help the Honduran people the most ?

To hell with ALBA and Hugo. Support the Honduran Elections !


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  1. There ya go again Alfie, making sense. I have serious doubts that it will happen.

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