Democracy isn’t about peace, love, and happiness…


Saw this over at Reason some time ago and it really spoke to the issue so many O bots and Anti O’s seem to have.

Whether Obama really cares about bipartisanship isn’t all the important. Sure it would be nice but like the Obots say his side did win.

As for steamrolling treacherous legislation and pissing about right of center bitching over it the Dems really need to shut the fuck up.

Discord,disdain and plain old diss of the POTUS isn’t new and solely dedicated to the black guy.

It’s generally forgotten that on Inauguration Day in 2001, Bush was greeted by thousands of protesters who threw eggs and bottles, made obscene gestures, and carried signs jeering, “Hail to the thief”—a reference to the legal fight needed to settle the outcome of the election. To the protesters, he was a corrupt enemy of democracy.

Clinton fared no better. He was reviled as a skirt-chasing, America-hating draft dodger. Eventually, he handed his antagonists the opportunity to impeach him, in one of the bitterest episodes in American political history.

What Obama may not have recognized before he arrived in the White House is that hating presidents is an irrepressible American tradition. The haters hung George Washington in effigy. They called Abraham Lincoln a dictator. They said Franklin Roosevelt was a Bolshevik.

Dwight Eisenhower’s enemies suggested he was a “conscious, dedicated agent of the Communist conspiracy.” Shortly before John Kennedy arrived in Dallas in November 1963, where he was assassinated, an ad ran in the local newspaper with his picture over the legend, “Wanted for Treason.” REASON