Nobel Cries Part II


I was in an office building and saw one of those news/ads streaming screen thingies and thought it must be feeding the Onion with the Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize line.When I looked further into it and heard his acceptance speech I was speechless,other than curses and assorted moans of disbelief. Although the Nobel Peace Prize has often shown the credibility of a den of thieves in the past it usually kind of stood for something- sometimes.No longer.

Obama Cult

It has been said before and bears repeating. Love him or hate him the constant fawning and up-billing of Barack Obama is just insane. He does him no good in the long run and basically denigrates the USA. Like it or not the guy has a job to do. if he is to get anything done people need to stop worshiping him.

Accomplishment not!

Sorry folks but other than continuing scores of G.W. Bush policies he has done nothing. OK OK he signed into law a law that allows disgruntled women longer periods of time to sue employers. Other than that he’s got nothing. If you were feeling generous you could give him props on trying to start a number of things,but accomplishing,completing….nah!

Mt Rushmore is being prepared for BHO

Let’s face it it must be right ? Whether they’re gonna chop of one of the guys or chisel out O nearby surely it must happen. Teddy R is on the thing solely due to his ego so why not Obama. Teddy gave us the National Parks and Obama is gonna save them from climate change. Get yer hammer Betty!

Premature Ejaculation

If you do the math Obama was nominated before he became President. WTF???? Who did this guy beat out ? Well a damn number of potential people more worthy for sure.

How’s the sharing thing work ?

So he humbly accepts the prize on behalf of all. How exactly do we get a chance to touch it,pose with it etc. We are yet to fully feel the burden of Obamas schemes yet he gets fodder for yet another stupid book and we get nothing but a chance to show how truly stupid and sheep like we are.

I am saddened to be an American…

Honest to God. I am saddened to be an American. I start to mourn my nation today and fret over what kind of world my children will live in in the future. When principles and honesty are so easily coopted on such a grand scale how can anyone be happy.

Looking to the near future I cringe at how this decision will continually degrade the office of the Presidency. One would say we are obligated to purse peace and climate control. Peace can only exist in the absence of man. Cap and trade will cause revolution. Where does this leave us ?

In closing

Joe Strummer, perhaps best known as the front man for the Clash once said:

There’s something quite good about coming,saying your bit and then going. I quite like that.

That’s how I feel now. This event symbolizes what has been wearing me down regards politics,life and definitely blogging. So there it is.I had a go. Take care and thanks.



  1. Elric66 says:

    At least you are finally getting it on what this guy is doing and will do to this nation.

  2. The Red Pill says:

    “Looking to the near future I cringe at how this decision will continually degrade the office of the Presidency.”

    Next thing you know, the President of the United States of America will be doing TV commercials endorsing washed-up commedians attempting late-night comebacks.

    Oh wait….

  3. Alfie says:

    The Nobel committee just makes it worse. 5 member panel 3 lie out their ass with utter lameness about bettering relations between the West and Muslims but even minimize that one. Proof they know they’re talking shit. The remaining two,one refused to comment and one couldn’t be contacted. So one honest but polite and the other probably still drunk from the binge party that voted the prize for nothing thing.

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