Russia and the Lisboon Treaty

Saw this over at PressTV and was moved to thunk it down here.

“We proceed from the fact that the completion of the process of the treaty’s ratification will positively influence the negotiations on the conclusion of a new Russia-EU basic agreement, under which the issues of fine-tuning the mechanisms of our cooperation are discussed, among other things,” Nesterenko said.

I’m curious if to some degree the Russians see a treaty bound further unified Europe as a bigger bunch of pussies. You see I’m quite cynical on what the Russians think about their former satellite states and how they wield the energy power they have over Europe. Ergo a potential boon to the Russian strategies.

Any Europeans care to share a view? I’m seriously curious and have but the ability to ask.


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  1. steph says:

    The Russians don’t see the treaty as making the EU bigger pussies because it strengthens Europe as a political, economic and military bloc, and the Russian energy stranglehold applies with or without the treaty. The difference is that a large federal European superstate will be more dependent on its relationship with Russia, and that will inevitably lead to more influence.

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